Truly Agreed, 2015


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SS SB 58, 2015    (Repealed Section - as Truly Agreed)    

[21.537. 1. The joint committee on capital improvements and leases oversight shall:
     (1) Monitor all proposed state-funded capital improvement projects, including all operating costs for the first two years after completion of such projects;
     (2) Monitor all new construction on any state-funded capital improvements project, excluding capital improvements projects or highway improvements of the state transportation department funded by motor fuel tax revenues;
     (3) Monitor any repairs or maintenance on existing state buildings and facilities involving capital expenditures exceeding a specific amount of money to be determined by the committee;
     (4) Investigate the total bonded and other indebtedness including lease purchase agreements of this state and its various departments, divisions, and other agencies as it pertains to state building projects;
     (5) Perform budgeting analysis for all proposed capital improvement projects including all operating costs for the first two years after completion of the project and cooperate with and assist the house budget committee and the senate appropriations committee with similar analysis;
     (6) Monitor all leases and proposed leases of real property funded with state moneys, including any operating costs or other costs associated with any such lease arrangement.
     2. The committee may, within the limits of its appropriation, employ such personnel as it deems necessary to carry out the duties imposed by this section.
     3. The committee shall compile a full report of its activities for submission to the general assembly. The report shall be submitted not later than the fifteenth of January of each year in which the general assembly convenes in regular session and shall include any recommendations which the committee may have for legislative action.]


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