Truly Agreed, 2015


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SB 497, 2015    (Amended Section - Proposed Language)

67.955. Subject to any decree of dissolution entered under section 67.950, the governing body, upon passage of a proposition to dissolve, shall dispose of all assets of the district and apply all proceeds to the payment of all indebtedness of the district and if any funds are left after such liquidation they shall be paid to the taxpayers of the district. Such payments shall be computed on the ratio of each taxpayer's tax paid in to the total tax collected for the last taxable year for which the district collected taxes. The liquidation, payments and refunds shall be completed within one hundred twenty days after the date of the submission of the question, and the district shall cease to exist; except that if general obligation bonded indebtedness exists the district shall continue to exist solely for the purpose of levying and collecting taxes to pay such indebtedness.


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