Truly Agreed, 2015


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HB 514, 2015    (New Section - as Truly Agreed)    

99.866. The state of Missouri, acting through the department of economic development and the office of administration, and any city not within a county, acting directly, through an affiliated entity or through such city's land clearance for redevelopment authority, may enter into a financing agreement relating to the redevelopment of an area contiguous with a former public housing site that has been declared blighted under Missouri law and which may lead to the retention within such city of, and relocation to such blighted area within such city by, a federal employer employing over two thousand geospatial intelligence jobs. Such financing agreement may provide for the appropriation and disbursement of state withholding tax revenues and city tax revenues generated from such employer for up to thirty years to fund costs associated with the retention of such employer; provided, however, that the annual amount of the state appropriation contemplated by this section plus any appropriation of state withholding tax revenues related to such employer from the Missouri supplemental tax increment financing fund pursuant to section 99.845 shall not exceed twelve million dollars per year and shall maintain a positive net fiscal impact for the state over the term. If the state of Missouri income tax rates are reduced or replaced after August 28, 2015, the department of economic development shall request an appropriation from the general assembly of an amount sufficient to offset any reduction in available withholding tax revenues resulting directly from such tax rate reduction or replacement, which in no event shall exceed the amounts that would have been received had the state income tax rates not been reduced or replaced.



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