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SCS HCS HB 613, 2015    (Amended Section - Proposed Language)

140.310. 1. The purchaser of any tract or lot of land at sale for delinquent taxes, homesteads excepted, shall at any time after one year from the date of sale be entitled to the immediate possession of the premises so purchased during the redemption period provided for in this law, unless sooner redeemed; provided, however, any owner or occupant of any tract or lot of land purchased may retain possession of said premises by making a written assignment of, or agreement to pay, rent certain or estimated to accrue during such redemption period or so much thereof as shall be sufficient to discharge the bid of the purchaser with interest thereon as provided in the certificate of purchase.
     2. The purchaser, his or her heirs or assigns may enforce his or her rights under said written assignment or agreement in any manner now authorized or hereafter authorized by law for the collection of delinquent and unpaid rent; provided further, nothing herein contained shall operate to the prejudice of any owner not in default and whose interest in the tract or lot of land is not encumbered by the certificate of purchase, nor shall it prejudice the rights of any occupant of any tract or lot of land not liable to pay taxes thereon nor such occupant's interest in any planted, growing or unharvested crop thereon.
     3. Any additions or improvements made to any tract or lot of land by any occupant thereof, as tenant or otherwise, and made prior to such tax sale, which such occupant would be permitted to detach and remove from the land under his or her contract of occupancy shall also, to the same extent, be removable against the purchaser, his or her heirs or assigns.
     4. Any rent collected by the purchaser, his or her heirs or assigns shall operate as a payment upon the amount due the holder of such certificate of purchase, and such amount or amounts, together with the date paid and by whom shall be endorsed as a credit upon said certificate, and which said sums shall be taken into consideration in the redemption of such land, as provided for in this chapter.
     5. Any purchaser, heirs or assigns in possession within the period of redemption against whom rights of redemption are exercised shall be protected in the value of any planted, growing and/or unharvested crop on the lands redeemed in the same manner as such purchaser, heirs or assigns would be protected in valuable and lasting improvements made upon said lands after the period of redemption and referred to in section 140.360.


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