Truly Agreed, 2015


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SS SB 58, 2015    (Amended Section - as Truly Agreed)    

217.550. 1. The department shall establish and operate at its correctional centers a vocational enterprise program which includes industries, services, vocational training, and agribusiness operations. The director shall have general supervision over planning, establishment and management of all vocational enterprise operations provided by and within the department and shall decide at which correctional center each vocational enterprise shall be located, taking into consideration the offender custody levels, the number of offenders in each correctional center so the best service or distribution of labor may be secured, location and convenience of the correctional centers in relation to the other correctional centers to be supplied or served and the machinery presently contained in each correctional center.
     2. No service shall be established or renewed without prior approval by the advisory board of vocational enterprises program established by section 217.555 [and the joint committee on corrections established by sections 21.440 to 21.465]. [Both] The board [and the committee] shall make a finding that the establishment of the service shall be beneficial to those offenders involved and shall not adversely affect any statewide economic group or industry.
     3. The annual report of Missouri vocational enterprises submitted to the director shall include:
     (1) A list of the correctional industries, services, vocational training programs, and agribusinesses in operation;
     (2) A list of correctional industries, services, vocational training programs, and agribusinesses started, terminated, moved, expanded, or reduced during the period;
     (3) The average number of offenders employed in each correctional industry, service, vocational training program, or agribusiness operation;
     (4) The volume of sales of articles, services, and materials manufactured, grown, processed or provided;
     (5) An operating statement showing the profit or loss of each industry, service, vocational training program, and agribusiness operation;
     (6) The amount of sales to state agencies or institutions, to political subdivisions of the state, or any other entity with which the vocational enterprise program does business, and the amount of open market sales, if any; and
     (7) Such other information concerning the correctional industries, services, vocational training programs, and agribusiness operations as requested by the director.


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