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SCS SB 107, 2015    (Amended Section - Proposed Language)

345.025. 1. The provisions of sections 345.010 to 345.080 do not apply to:
     (1) The activities, services, and the use of an official title on the part of a person in the employ of a federal agency insofar as such services are part of the duties of the person's office or position with such agency;
     (2) The activities and services of certified teachers of the deaf;
     (3) The activities and services of a student in speech-language pathology or audiology pursuing a course of study at a university or college that has been approved by its regional accrediting association, or working in a recognized training center, if these activities and services constitute a part of the person's course of study supervised by a licensed speech-language pathologist or audiologist as provided in section 345.050;
     (4) The activities and services of physicians and surgeons licensed pursuant to chapter 334;
     (5) Audiometric technicians who are certified by the council for accreditation of occupational hearing conservationists when conducting pure tone air conduction audiometric tests for purposes of industrial hearing conservation and comply with requirements of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration;
     (6) A person who holds a current valid certificate as a speech-language pathologist issued before January 1, 2016, by the Missouri department of elementary and secondary education and who is an employee of a public school while providing speech-language pathology services in such school system;
     (7) Any person completing the required number and type of clinical hours required by paragraph (c) of subdivision (11) of section 345.015 as long as such person is under the direct supervision of a licensed speech-language pathologist and has not completed more than the number of clinical hours required by rule.
     2. No one shall be exempt pursuant to subdivision (1) or (6) of subsection 1 of this section if the person does any work as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist outside of the exempted areas outlined in this section for which a fee or compensation may be paid by the recipient of the service. When college or university clinics charge a fee, supervisors of student clinicians shall be licensed.


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