Truly Agreed, 2015


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HCS SB 164, 2015    (Amended Section - as Truly Agreed)    

375.1072. As used in sections 375.1070 to [375.1075] 375.1078, the following terms mean:
     (1) "Admitted assets", the amount thereof as of the last day of the most recently concluded annual statement year, computed in the same manner as admitted assets in section 379.080 for insurers other than life;
     (2) "Aggregate amount of medium to lower quality obligations", the aggregate statutory statement value thereof;
     (3) "Institution", a corporation, a joint-stock company, an association, a trust, a business partnership, a business joint venture or similar entity;
     (4) "Medium to lower quality obligations", obligations which are rated three, four, five and six by the Securities Valuation Office of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.


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