Truly Agreed, 2015


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HB 391, 2015    (Amended Section - as Truly Agreed)    

379.118. 1. If any insurer proposes to cancel or to refuse to renew a policy of automobile insurance delivered or issued for delivery in this state except at the request of the named insured or for nonpayment of premium, it shall, on or before thirty days prior to the proposed effective date of the action, send written notice [by certificate of mailing] of its intended action to the named insured at his last known address. Notice shall be sent by United States Postal Service certificate of mailing, first class mail using Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb), or another mail tracking method used, approved, or accepted by the United States Postal Service. Where cancellation is for nonpayment of premium at least ten days' notice of cancellation shall be given and such notice shall contain the following notice or substantially similar in bold conspicuous type: "THIS POLICY IS CANCELLED EFFECTIVE AT THE DATE AND TIME INDICATED IN THIS NOTICE. THIS IS THE FINAL NOTICE OF CANCELLATION WE WILL SEND PRIOR TO THE EFFECTIVE DATE AND TIME OF CANCELLATION INDICATED IN THIS NOTICE.". The notice shall state:
     (1) The action taken;
     (2) The effective date of the action;
     (3) The insurer's actual reason for taking such action, the statement of reason to be sufficiently clear and specific so that a person of average intelligence can identify the basis for the insurer's decision without further inquiry. Generalized terms such as "personal habits", "living conditions", "poor morals", or "violation or accident record" shall not suffice to meet the requirements of this subdivision;
     (4) That the insured may be eligible for insurance through the assigned risk plan if his insurance is to be cancelled.
     2. Issuance of a notice of cancellation under subsection 1 of this section constitutes a present and unequivocal act of cancellation of the policy.
     3. An insurer may reinstate a policy cancelled under subsection 1 of this section at any time after the notice of cancellation is issued if the reason for the cancellation is remedied. An insurer may send communications to the insured, including but not limited to billing notices for past due premium, offers to reinstate the policy if past due premium is paid, notices confirming cancellation of the policy, or billing notices for payment of earned but unpaid premium. The fact that a policy may be so reinstated or any such communication may be made does not invalidate or void any cancellation effectuated under subsection 1 of this section or defeat the present and unequivocal nature of acts of cancellation as described under subsection 2 of this section.
     4. An insurer shall send an insured written notice of an automobile policy renewal at least fifteen days prior to the effective date of the new policy. The notice shall be sent by first class mail or may be sent electronically if requested by the policyholder, and shall contain the insured's name, the vehicle covered, the total premium amount, and the effective date of the new policy.
Any request for electronic delivery of renewal notices shall be designated on the application form signed by the applicant, made in writing by the policyholder, or made in accordance with sections 432.200 to 432.295. The insurer shall comply with any subsequent request by a policyholder to rescind authorization for electronic delivery and to elect to receive renewal notices by first class mail. Any delivery of a renewal notice by electronic means shall not constitute notice of cancellation of a policy even if such notice is included with the renewal notice.


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