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HCS SB 244, 2015    (New Section - Proposed Language)

409.605. As used in sections 409.600 to 409.630, the following terms shall mean:
     (1) "Agencies", the department of health and senior services and the commissioner of securities;
     (2) "Agent", shall have the same meaning as in section 409.1-102;
     (3) "Broker-dealer", shall have the same meaning as in section 409.1-102;
     (4) "Financial exploitation", the wrongful or unauthorized taking, withholding, appropriation, or use of money, real property, or personal property of a qualified adult;
     (5) "Immediate family member", a spouse, child, parent, or sibling of a qualified adult;
     (6) "Qualified adult":
     (a) A person sixty years of age or older; or
     (b) A person who:
     a. Has a disability as defined in section 192.2005; and
     b. Is between the ages of eighteen and fifty-nine.
     (7) "Qualified individual", a person associated with a broker-dealer who serves in a supervisory, compliance, or legal capacity as part of his or her job. \Line


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