Truly Agreed, 2016


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CCS HCS SS SB 732, 2016    (Amended Section - as Truly Agreed)    

84.720. 1. The police commissioners of any city with a population of three hundred fifty thousand or more inhabitants which is located in more than one county shall have power to regulate and license all private security personnel and organizations, serving or acting as such in such cities, and no person or organization shall act in the capacity of, or provide, security services in such cities without first having obtained the written license of the president or acting president of the police commissioners of such cities. In order to determine an individual's suitability to be licensed, the police commissioners of such cities shall require each applicant to be licensed to be fingerprinted and shall forward the fingerprints to the Missouri state highway patrol for a criminal history record check. Any person or organization that violates the provisions of this section is guilty of a class B misdemeanor.
     2. Any individual who is a holder of an occupational license issued by the Missouri gaming commission as defined under section 313.800 to perform the duties of an unarmed security guard while working on an excursion gambling boat as defined under section 313.800 or at a facility adjacent to an excursion gambling boat shall be exempt from the requirements of subsection 1 of this section and from any other political subdivision licensing requirements for unarmed security guards.


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