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SB 660, 2016    (Amended Section - Proposed Language)

110.140. 1. Any banking corporation or association in the county desiring to bid shall deliver to the clerk of the commission, on or before the first Monday of July at which the selection of depositaries is to be made, a sealed proposal, stating the rate of interest that the banking corporation, or association offers to pay on the funds of the county for the term of two or four years next ensuing the date of the bid, or, if the selection is made for a less term than two or four years, as provided in sections 110.180 and 110.190, then for the time between the date of the bid and the next regular time for the selection of depositaries as fixed by section 110.130.
     2. Each bid shall be accompanied by a certified check for not less than two thousand five hundred dollars, as a guaranty of good faith on the part of the bidder, that if his or her bid should be the highest he or she will provide the security required by section 110.010. Upon his or her failure to give the security required by law, the amount of the certified check shall go to the county as liquidated damages, and the commission may order the county clerk to readvertise for bids.
     3. It shall be a misdemeanor, and punishable as such, for the clerk of the commission, or any deputy of the clerk, to directly or indirectly disclose the amount of any bid before the selection of depositaries.


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