Truly Agreed, 2016


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CCS HCS SS SB 786, 2016    (Amended Section - as Truly Agreed)    

115.107. 1. At every election, the chairman of the county committee of each political party named on the ballot shall have the right to designate a watcher for each place votes are counted.
     2. Watchers are to observe the counting of the votes and present any complaint of irregularity or law violation to the election judges, or to the election authority if not satisfied with the decision of the election judges. No watcher may be substituted for another on election day.
     3. No watcher shall report to anyone the name of any person who has or has not voted.
     4. A watcher may remain present until all closing certification forms are completed, all equipment is closed and taken down, the transportation case for the ballots is sealed, election materials are returned to the election authority or to the designated collection place for a polling place, and any other duties or procedures required under sections 115.447 to 115.491 are completed. A watcher may also remain present at each location at which absentee ballots are counted and may remain present while such ballots are being prepared for counting and counted.
     5. All persons selected as watchers shall have the same qualifications required by section 115.085 for election judges, except that such watcher shall be a registered voter in the jurisdiction of the election authority for which the watcher is designated as a watcher.


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