Truly Agreed, 2016


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HB 1593, 2016    (Amended Section - as Truly Agreed)    

139.250. 1. If any collector or [ex officio] collector-treasurer
fails to make payment of the amount due from him or her on settlement, or in the time and manner prescribed by law, he or she and his or her sureties shall be liable to pay, as a penalty, ten percent a month on the amount wrongfully withheld, to be computed from the time the amount ought to have been paid until actual payment. This section shall apply to all revenue collections made by him or her, whether for state, county, city, town, district or school taxes, general or special, except that this section shall not apply to any collections related to taxes paid under protest or as part of a disputed assessment.
     2. In case of refusal, notice may be served upon the collector or [ex officio] collector-treasurer in default and his or her sureties, informing them that a motion will be made to the circuit court of the county for a judgment against the collector and his or her sureties, for all sums of money due from him or her to the state or county, as the case may be, at time of making the motion, together with the penalty aforesaid.
     3. The circuit courts of this state may hear and determine all such motions and proceedings.
     4. The judgments rendered by the court under the provisions of this section shall have the same force and effect and be enforced in the same manner that other judgments in the circuit courts of this state are enforced.
     5. Proceedings under this section shall be in the state or county, as the case may be. The notice may be served by any sheriff, coroner, or other person who would be a competent witness, and shall be served at least five days before the motion is made. The court may compel the production of all books, papers, records and other documents in the possession of the collector or others, to be used as evidence in the cause.


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