Truly Agreed, 2016


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HB 2428, 2016    (Amended Section - as Truly Agreed)    

168.303. The state board of education shall adopt rules to facilitate job-sharing positions for classroom teachers, as the term "job-sharing" is defined in this section. These rules shall provide that a classroom teacher in a job-sharing position shall receive paid legal holidays, annual vacation leave, sick leave, and personal leave on a pro rata basis. "Job-sharing position" shall mean any position:
     (1) Shared with one other employee;
     (2) Requiring employment of at least seventeen hours per week but not more than twenty hours per week on a regular basis; and
     (3) Requiring at least seventy percent of all time spent in classroom instruction as determined by the employer;

provided that, job-sharing position shall not include instructional support or school services positions including, but not limited to, [guidance] school counselor, media coordinator, psychologist, social worker, audiologist, speech and language pathologist, and nursing positions.


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