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CCS SCS SB 638, 2016    (Amended Section - Proposed Language)

173.750. 1. By July 1, 1995, the coordinating board for higher education, within existing resources provided to the department of higher education and by rule and regulation, shall have established and implemented a procedure for annually reporting the performance of graduates of public high schools in the state during the student's initial year in the public colleges and universities of the state. The purpose of such reports shall be to assist in determining how high schools are preparing students for successful college and university performance. The report produced pursuant to this subsection shall annually be furnished to the state board of education for reporting pursuant to subsection 4 of section 161.610 and shall not be used for any other purpose until such time that a standard process and consistent, specific criteria for determining a student's need for remedial coursework is agreed upon by the coordinating board for higher education, higher education institutions, and the state board of education.
     2. The procedures shall be designed so that the reporting is made by the name of each high school in the state, with individual student data to be grouped according to the high school from which the students graduated. The data in the reports shall be disaggregated by race and sex. The procedures shall not be designed so that the reporting contains the name of any student. No grade point average shall be disclosed under subsection 3 of this section in any case where three or fewer students from a particular high school attend a particular college or university.
     3. The data reported shall include grade point averages after the initial college year, calculated on, or adjusted to, a four point grade scale; the percentage of students returning to college after the first and second half of the initial college year, or after each trimester of the initial college year; the percentage of students taking noncollege level classes in basic academic courses during the first college year, or remedial courses in basic academic subjects of English, mathematics, or reading; and other such data as determined by rule and regulation of the coordinating board for higher education.
     4. The department of elementary and secondary education shall conduct a review of its policies and procedures relating to remedial education in light of the best practices in remediation identified as required by subdivision (6) of subsection 2 of section 173.005 to ensure that school districts are informed about best practices to reduce the need for remediation. The department shall present its results to the joint committee on education by October 31, 2017.


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