Truly Agreed, 2016


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CCS HCS SB 997, 2016    (Amended Section - as Truly Agreed)    

178.780. 1. Tax supported community colleges formed prior to October 13, 1961, and those formed under the provisions of sections 178.770 to 178.890 shall be under the supervision of the coordinating board for higher education.
     2. The coordinating board for higher education shall:
     (1) Establish the role of the two-year college in the state;
     (2) Set up a survey form to be used for local surveys of need and potential for two-year colleges; provide supervision in the conducting of surveys; require that the results of the studies be used in reviewing applications for approval; and establish and use the survey results to set up priorities;
     (3) Require that the initiative to establish two-year colleges come from the area to be served;
     (4) Administer the state financial support program;
     (5) Supervise the community college districts formed under the provisions of sections 178.770 to 178.890 and the community colleges now in existence and formed prior to October 13, 1961;
     (6) Formulate and put into effect uniform policies as to budgeting, record keeping, and student accounting;
     (7) Establish uniform minimum entrance requirements and uniform curricular offerings for all community colleges;
     (8) Make a continuing study of community college education in the state; [and]
     (9) Be responsible for the accreditation of each community college under its supervision. Accreditation shall be conducted annually or as often as deemed advisable and made in a manner consistent with rules and regulations established and applied uniformly to all community colleges in the state. Standards for accreditation of community colleges shall be formulated with due consideration given to curriculum offerings and entrance requirements of the University of Missouri; and
     (10) Establish a standard core curriculum and a common course numbering equivalency matrix for lower-division courses to be used at community colleges and other public institutions of higher education to facilitate student transfers as provided under sections 178.785 to 178.789.


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