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CCS HCS SS SB 732, 2016    (Amended Section - Proposed Language)

190.102. 1. The department shall designate through regulation EMS regions and committees. The purpose of the regional EMS advisory committees is to advise and make recommendations to the region and the department on:
     (1) Coordination of emergency resources in the region;
     (2) Improvement of public and professional education;
     (3) Cooperative research endeavors;
     (4) Development of standards, protocols and policies;
     (5) Voluntary multiagency quality improvement committee and process; and
     (6) Development and review of and recommendations for community and regional time critical diagnosis plans.
     2. The members of the committees shall serve without compensation except that the department of health and senior services shall budget for reasonable travel expenses and meeting expenses related to the functions of the committees.
     3. The director will appoint personnel to no less than six regional EMS committees from recommendations provided by recognized professional organizations. Appointments will be for four years with individuals serving until reappointed or replaced. The regional EMS medical director shall serve as a member of the regional EMS committee.


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