Truly Agreed, 2016


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SB 579, 2016    (New Section - as Truly Agreed)    

208.677. 1. For purposes of the provision of telehealth services in the MO HealthNet program, the term "originating site" shall mean a telehealth site where the MO HealthNet participant receiving the telehealth service is located for the encounter. The standard of care in the practice of telehealth shall be the same as the standard of care for services provided in person. An originating site shall be one of the following locations:
     (1) An office of a physician or health care provider;
     (2) A hospital;
     (3) A critical access hospital;
     (4) A rural health clinic;
     (5) A federally qualified health center;
     (6) A long-term care facility licensed under chapter 198;
     (7) A dialysis center;
     (8) A Missouri state habilitation center or regional office;
     (9) A community mental health center;
     (10) A Missouri state mental health facility;
     (11) A Missouri state facility;
     (12) A Missouri residential treatment facility licensed by and under contract with the children's division. Facilities shall have multiple campuses and have the ability to adhere to technology requirements. Only Missouri licensed psychiatrists, licensed psychologists, or provisionally licensed psychologists, and advanced practice registered nurses who are MO HealthNet providers shall be consulting providers at these locations;
     (13) A comprehensive substance treatment and rehabilitation (CSTAR) program;
     (14) A school;
     (15) The MO HealthNet recipient's home;
     (16) A clinical designated area in a pharmacy; or
     (17) A child assessment center as described in section 210.001.
     2. If the originating site is a school, the school shall obtain permission from the parent or guardian of any student receiving telehealth services prior to each provision of service.


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