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SS#2 HCS HB 1717, 2016    (Amended Section - Proposed Language)

256.443. 1. The plan shall include a description of the project, the need for the project, land use and treatment measures to be implemented to protect the project from erosion, siltation and pollution, procedures for water allocation, criteria to be implemented in the event of drought or emergency, and such other information as the director may require to adequately protect the water resource.
     2. The director shall only approve a plan upon a determination that long-term reliable public water supply , treatment, or transmission facility is needed in that area of the state, and that such plan will provide a long-term solution to water supply needs. Implementation of approved plans will be eligible for cost-sharing expenses as approved by the state soil and water districts commission incurred for required land treatment practices to implement soil conservation plans.
     3. Approved water resource plans and
projects shall be eligible to receive any gifts, contributions, grants or bequests from federal, state, private or other sources for engineering, construction or renovation costs associated with such projects, except that no proceeds from the sales and use tax levied pursuant to Sections 47(a) to 47(c) of Article IV of the State Constitution shall be used for such purposes.
     4. Approved water resource projects may be granted funds from, and remit contributions to, the multipurpose water resource program fund pursuant to section 256.438.


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