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SS SCS HCS HB 2380, 2016    (Amended Section - Proposed Language)

301.067. 1. For each trailer or semitrailer there shall be paid an annual fee of seven dollars fifty cents, and in addition thereto such permit fee authorized by law against trailers used in combination with tractors operated under the supervision of the highways and transportation commission of the department of transportation. The fees for tractors used in any combination with trailers or semitrailers or both trailers and semitrailers (other than on passenger-carrying trailers or semitrailers) shall be computed on the total gross weight of the vehicles in the combination with load.
     2. Any trailer or semitrailer may at the option of the registrant be registered for a period of three years upon payment of a registration fee of twenty-two dollars and fifty cents.
     3. Any trailer as defined in section 301.010 or semitrailer may, at the option of the registrant, be registered permanently upon the payment of a registration fee of fifty-two dollars and fifty cents. The permanent plate and registration fee is vehicle specific. The plate and the registration fee paid is nontransferable and nonrefundable, except those covered under the provisions of section 301.442.


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