Truly Agreed, 2016


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SS SCS HCS HB 1941, 2016    (New Section - as Truly Agreed)    

313.920. 1. A fantasy sports contest conducted under this chapter is exempt from chapter 572, and does not constitute gambling for any purpose.
     2. A fantasy sports contest operator shall apply for and receive a license from the commission prior to offering fantasy sports contests for play in Missouri.
     3. The commission shall provide forms, to be completed by applicants and made available on the commission's website, on which the applicant shall demonstrate experience, reputation, competence, and financial responsibility consistent with the best interest of the Missouri fantasy sports industry and in compliance with the laws of the state.
     4. The commission may, in its sole discretion, refuse to license any applicant or revoke or suspend the license of any applicant or licensee if the applicant or licensee, or an employee of the applicant or licensee:
     (1) Has knowingly made a false statement of material fact or has deliberately failed to disclose any information requested;
     (2) Is or has pled guilty or been convicted of any illegal, corrupt, or fraudulent act, practice, or conduct in connection with any fantasy sports contest in this or any other state or has pled guilty or been convicted of a felony, a crime of moral turpitude, or any criminal offense involving dishonesty or breach of trust within the ten years prior to the date of application for registration;
     (3) Has at any time knowingly failed to comply with the provisions of this chapter or of any requirements of the commission;
     (4) Has had a registration or permit to hold or conduct fantasy sports contests denied for just cause, suspended, or revoked in any other state or country;
     (5) Has legally defaulted in the payment of any obligation or debt owed to the State of Missouri; or
     (6) Is not qualified to do business in the state of Missouri or is not subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the state of Missouri.
     5. Fantasy sports contests as defined in section 313.910, are authorized and may be conducted on an excursion gambling boat or adjacent property to the excursion gambling boat operated by entities licensed under sections 313.807 and 313.920. A person under twenty-one years of age shall not participate in fantasy sports contests on an excursion gambling boat.


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