Truly Agreed, 2016


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SS SCS HCS HB 1941, 2016    (New Section - Proposed Language)

313.1020. 1. The commission shall have power to adopt and enforce rules and regulations:
     (1) To regulate and license the management, operation, and conduct of fantasy sports contests and participants therein;
     (2) To adopt responsible play protections for registered players; and
     (3) To properly administer and enforce the provisions of sections 313.900 to 313.1020.
     2. The commission shall not adopt rules or regulations limiting or regulating the rules or administration of an individual fantasy sports contest, the statistical makeup of a fantasy sports contest, or the digital platform of a fantasy sports contest operator.
     3. No rule or portion of a rule promulgated under the authority of sections 313.900 to 313.1020 shall become effective unless it has been promulgated pursuant to the provisions of section 536.024.


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