Truly Agreed, 2016


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SS SCS HB 1816, 2016    (New Section - as Truly Agreed)    

334.285. 1. For purposes of this section, the following terms shall mean:
     (1) "Continuing medical education", continued postgraduate medical education intended to provide medical professionals with knowledge of new developments in their field;
     (2) "Maintenance of certification", any process requiring periodic recertification examinations to maintain specialty medical board certification;
     (3) "Maintenance of licensure", the Federation of State Medical Boards' proprietary framework for physician license renewal including additional periodic testing other than continuing medical education;
     (4) "Specialty medical board certification", certification by a board that specializes in one particular area of medicine and typically requires additional and more strenuous exams than state board of registration for the healing arts requirements to practice medicine.
     2. The state shall not require any form of maintenance of licensure as a condition of physician licensure including requiring any form of maintenance of licensure tied to maintenance of certification. Current requirements including continuing medical education shall suffice to demonstrate professional competency.
     3. The state shall not require any form of specialty medical board certification or any maintenance of certification to practice medicine within the state. There shall be no discrimination by the state board of registration for the healing arts or any other state agency against physicians who do not maintain specialty medical board certification including recertification.


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