Truly Agreed, 2016


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CCS HCS SB 635, 2016    (Repealed Section - as Truly Agreed)    

[335.315. 1. Upon application for a license, the licensing board in a party state shall ascertain, through the coordinated licensure information system, whether the applicant has ever held, or is the holder of, a license issued by any other state, whether there are any restrictions on the multistate licensure privilege, and whether any other adverse action by any state has been taken against the license.
     2. A nurse in a party state shall hold licensure in only one party state at a time, issued by the home state.
     3. A nurse who intends to change primary state of residence may apply for licensure in the new home state in advance of such change. However, new licenses will not be issued by a party state until after a nurse provides evidence of change in primary state of residence satisfactory to the new home state's licensing board.
     4. When a nurse changes primary state of residence by:
     (1) Moving between two party states, and obtains a license from the new home state, the license from the former home state is no longer valid;
     (2) Moving from a nonparty state to a party state, and obtains a license from the new home state, the individual state license issued by the nonparty state is not affected and will remain in full force if so provided by the laws of the nonparty state;
     (3) Moving from a party state to a nonparty state, the license issued by the prior home state converts to an individual state license, valid only in the former home state, without the multistate licensure privilege to practice in other party states.]


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