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HCS SB 932, 2016    (Amended Section - Proposed Language)

370.230. 1. The supervisory committee shall make, or cause to be made, an examination of the affairs of the credit union, at least annually, including its books and accounts, and shall make or cause to be made, a verification of members' share and loan accounts in the same manner and with the same frequency as required by federal law for federal credit unions, and shall review the acts of the board of directors, credit committee and officers, any or all of whom the supervisory committee may suspend at any time by a majority vote.
     2. Within seven days after such suspension, the supervisory committee shall cause notice to be given the members of a special meeting to take action on such suspension, the call for the meeting to indicate clearly its purpose.
     3. By a majority vote the committee may call a meeting of the members to consider any violation of this chapter or of the bylaws, or any practice of the credit union which, in the opinion of said committee, is unsafe and unauthorized.
     4. During the fiscal year, the supervisory committee shall make or cause to be made a thorough audit of the receipts, disbursements, income, assets, and liabilities of the credit union, and shall make a full report on such audit to the directors. In the event that a credit union has over one million dollars in assets, an independent audit shall be required in lieu of the audit by the supervisory committee, and a report on such audit shall be read at the annual meeting and shall be filed and preserved with the records of the credit union.
     5. The supervisory committee shall fill vacancies in their own number until the next annual meeting or, if the bylaws so provide, vacancies may be filled by appointment by the board of directors.


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