Truly Agreed, 2016


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CCS HCS SCS SB 578, 2016    (Repealed Section - as Truly Agreed)    

[478.433. The janitor-messenger appointed under section 478.430 shall receive and be paid, after proper appointment and certification by said court, or the presiding judge thereof, an annual salary of not less than two thousand two hundred dollars. Said salary shall be payable at the end of each and every month, in equal monthly installments, by the treasurer of the city of St. Louis out of any moneys appropriated therefor by the municipal assembly upon warrants drawn and countersigned by the proper officers of said city, pursuant to the charter thereof. It shall be the duty of the municipal assembly of said city to appropriate the money necessary for the payment of such salaries; provided further, that the court may, when sitting in general session, recommend to the St. Louis board of estimate and apportionment an increase in salary of janitor-messengers not exceeding two hundred dollars per annum, subject to the approval of said board.
     If said board of estimate and apportionment concur in such salary increase, the municipal assembly shall appropriate additional moneys for such salaries.]


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