Truly Agreed, 2016


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CCS#2 HCS SS SCS SB 572, 2016    (Amended Section - as Truly Agreed)    

479.350. For purposes of sections 479.350 to 479.372, the following terms mean:
     (1) "Annual general operating revenue", revenue that can be used to pay any bill or obligation of a county, city, town, or village, including general sales tax; general use tax; general property tax; fees from licenses and permits; unrestricted user fees; fines, court costs, bond forfeitures, and penalties. Annual general operating revenue does not include designated sales or use taxes; restricted user fees; grant funds; funds expended by a political subdivision for technological assistance in collecting, storing, and disseminating criminal history record information and facilitating criminal identification activities for the purpose of sharing criminal justice-related information among political subdivisions; or other revenue designated for a specific purpose;
     (2) "Court costs", costs, fees, or surcharges which are retained by a county, city, town, or village upon a finding of guilty or plea of guilty, and shall exclude any costs, fees, or surcharges disbursed to the state or other entities by a county, city, town, or village and any certified costs, not including fines added to the annual real estate tax bill or a special tax bill under section 67.398, 67.402, or 67.451;
     (3) "Minor traffic violation", a municipal or county traffic ordinance violation prosecuted that does not involve an accident or injury, that does not involve the operation of a commercial motor vehicle, and for which no points are assessed by the department of revenue or the department of revenue is authorized to assess [no more than] one to four points to a person's driving record upon conviction. Minor traffic violation shall include amended charges for any minor traffic violation. Minor traffic violation shall exclude a violation for exceeding the speed limit by more than nineteen miles per hour or a violation occurring within a construction zone or school zone;
     (4) "Municipal ordinance violation", a municipal or county ordinance violation prosecuted for which penalties are authorized by statute under sections 64.160, 64.200, 64.295, 64.487, 64.690, 64.895, 67.398, 71.285, 89.120, and 89.490. Municipal ordinance violation shall include amended charges for municipal ordinance violations


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