Truly Agreed, 2016


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CCS HCS SCS SB 578, 2016    (New Section - as Truly Agreed)    

515.555. 1. In addition to other duties and requirements set forth in sections 515.500 to 515.665 and as ordered by the court, the debtor shall:
     (1) Within fourteen days of the appointment of a general receiver, make available for inspection by the receiver during normal business hours all information and data required to be filed with the court pursuant to section 515.560, in the form and manner the same are maintained in the ordinary course of the debtor's business;
     (2) Assist and cooperate fully with the receiver in the administration of the estate and the discharge of the receiver's duties, and comply with all orders of the court;
     (3) Supply to the receiver information necessary to enable the receiver to complete any schedules or reports that the receiver may be required to file with the court, and otherwise assist the receiver in the completion of the schedules;
     (4) Upon the receiver's appointment, deliver into the receiver's possession all the property of the receivership estate in the person's possession, custody, or control, including, but not limited to, all accounts, books, papers, records, and other documents; and
     (5) Following the receiver's appointment, submit to examination by the receiver, or by any other person upon order of the court, under oath, concerning the acts, conduct, property, liabilities, and financial condition of that person or any matter relating to the receiver's administration of the estate.
     2. When the debtor is an entity, each of the officers, directors, managers, members, partners, or other individuals exercising or having the power to exercise control over the affairs of the entity are subject to the requirements of this section.


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