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HCS HB 1562, 2016    (Amended Section - Proposed Language)

589.660. As used in sections 589.660 to 589.681, the following terms mean:
     (1) "Address", a residential street address, school address, or work address of a person, as specified on the person's application to be a program participant;
     (2) "Application assistant", an employee of a state or local agency, or of a nonprofit program that provides counseling, referral, shelter, or other specialized service to victims of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, human trafficking, or stalking, who has been designated by the respective agency or program, and who has been trained and registered by the secretary of state to assist individuals in the completion of program participation applications;
     (3) "Designated address", the address assigned to a program participant by the secretary;
     (4) "Mailing address", an address that is recognized for delivery by the United States Postal Service;
     (5) "Program", the address confidentiality program established in section 589.663;
     (6) "Program participant", a person certified by the secretary of state as eligible to participate in the address confidentiality program;
     (7) "Secretary", the secretary of state.


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