Missouri Constitution Section

Article IV
Section 47b
November 14, 2016

Disbursement of revenue, purposes.

Section 47(b). Fifty percent of the monies arising from the additional sales and use taxes provided for in Section 47(a) hereof shall be deposited in the Soil and Water Sales Tax Fund and fifty percent shall be deposited in the State Park Sales Tax Fund, and the monies in both funds shall be expended pursuant to appropriation by the General Assembly and used by the state soil and water districts commission and the department of natural resources for the purposes set forth in Section 47(a), and for no other purpose.

(Adopted August 7, 1984).

(Amended November 8, 1988)

(Amended November 5, 1996)

Effective 11-08-1998

(Reauthorized November 8, 2016)

Expires, unless reauthorized (see Article IV, § 47(c))


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