Missouri Constitution Section

Article VIII
Section 18
November 14, 2016

Voter instruction on term limit pledge for non-incumbents.

Section 18. (1) Non-incumbent candidates for United States Senator and Representative shall be given an opportunity to take a "Term Limit" pledge regarding "Term Limits" each time they file to run for such office. Those who decline to take the "Term Limits" pledge shall have the information "DECLINED TO PLEDGE TO SUPPORT TERM LIMITS" printed adjacent to their name on every primary and general election ballot.

(2) The "Term Limits" pledge shall be offered to non-incumbent candidates for United States Senator and Representative until a Constitutional Amendment which limits the number of terms of United States Senators to no more than two and United States Representatives to no more than three shall have become part of our United States Constitution.

(3) The "Term Limits" pledge that each non-incumbent candidate, set forth above, shall be offered is as follows:

I support term limits and pledge to use all my legislative powers to enact the proposed Constitutional Amendment set forth in the Term Limits Act of 1996. If elected, I pledge to vote in such a way that the designation "DISREGARDED VOTERS' INSTRUCTION ON TERM LIMITS" will not appear adjacent to my name.

(Adopted November 5, 1996).

(2001) Article VIII, sections 15-22 violate the Elections Clause of the United States Constitution. Cook v. Gralike, 531 U.S. 510.

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