Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 1
Laws in Force and Construction of Statutes

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August 28, 2013

1.010. Common law in force--effect on statutes.
1.020. Definitions.
1.025. Registered mail defined.
1.028. English is the common language of Missouri.
1.030. Plural includes the singular--masculine includes feminine.
1.035. Voter defined.
1.040. Computation of time.
1.050. Majority may act for all.
1.060. Powers of deputies.
1.070. Reference to provisions in revised statutes.
1.080. County to include St. Louis--county clerk to include register of
St. Louis.
1.090. Words and phrases, how construed.
1.092. Best interest of child, welfare policy of state.
1.100. Population, how determined--effective date of census--loss or gain
in population for certain purposes, effect of.
1.120. Reenactments, how construed.
1.130. Effective date of laws.
1.140. Severability of statute provisions.
1.150. Repealing law repealed, former law not revived, when.
1.160. Effect of repeal of penal statute.
1.170. Repeal of law not to affect rights acquired thereunder.
1.180. Actions pending, how affected by repeal of law.
1.190. Notices, how served.
1.200. Equality of citizens.
1.205. Life begins at conception--unborn child, defined--failure to provide
prenatal care, no cause of action for.
1.210. No imprisonment without authority of law.
1.217. Cloning--use of state funds prohibited, definition.
1.302. Religious freedom restoration act.
1.307. Laws not to eliminate defense to a civil action or criminal
prosecution based on federal, state or local civil rights--relevant
circumstances defined.
1.310. Big government get off my back act--certain federal mandates not
subject to appropriations or statutory authorization--no user
fees to be increased for five-year period.
1.320. Promotion of responsible gun ownership--condemnation of unlawful
transfer or use of firearms in criminal or unlawful activity.
1.330. Health care, no requirement to participate, no penalties--purchase or
sale of health insurance in private system not

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