Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 10
State Emblems

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August 28, 2013

10.010. Official state bird.
10.012. Bobwhite quail, official state game bird.
10.020. Flag, official--design of--original design--where kept.
10.030. State floral emblem.
10.040. State arboreal emblem.
10.045. State lithologic emblem.
10.047. State mineral.
10.050. State song.
10.060. Seal of state--device.
10.070. State insect.
10.080. State musical instrument.
10.090. State fossil.
10.095. State dinosaur.
10.100. State tree nut--black walnut.
10.110. Official animal.
10.120. State folk dance.
10.125. Crayfish, official state invertebrate.
10.130. Paddlefish state aquatic animal.
10.135. Channel catfish state fish.
10.140. Missouri Fox Trotting Horse, official state horse.
10.141. Purple martin capital of the state, city of Adrian.
10.150. Big bluestem, official state grass.
10.160. State grape.
10.170. State amphibian--North American bullfrog.
10.175. Three-toed box turtle, official state reptile.
10.180. Ice cream cone, official dessert.
10.185. Blue ribbon recognized as the official state symbol for child abuse

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