Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 21
General Assembly

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August 28, 2013

21.010. Meeting of the general assembly.
21.020. Joint meeting of senate and house, where held.
21.030. What officer shall preside--contempt--rules.
21.040. Members of either house may be punished for contempt.
21.050. Presiding officer may order detention of person disturbing meeting.
21.060. Majority necessary to a choice in elections.
21.070. Qualifications of senators.
21.080. Qualifications of representatives.
21.090. Vacancy, how filled.
21.110. Governor shall issue writs of election, when.
21.120. Writs of election, how directed.
21.130. Duty of election authority on receipt of writ.
21.140. Compensation of members--additional compensation of officers--mileage
21.145. Member's daily expense allowance--when paid.
21.150. Legislative employees--compensation, how set--rejection of rates by
legislature, effect of.
21.155. Legislative employees, number, how determined.
21.160. Legislative furniture and equipment, how inventoried--employment of
custodians authorized.
21.170. Expense of serving process--witnesses' fees.
21.180. No allowance, except per diem.
21.183. Freshman tour of state institutions by newly elected
21.187. Freshman tour, attendance of members at legislative conference for
new members--expenses, how paid.
21.190. (Repealed L. 2004 H.B. 1444 A)
21.200. Expenses of visiting committees.
21.210. Allowance of accounts.
21.220. Expenses paid out of what fund.
21.230. Contingent expenses, how controlled.
21.232. Printing, other services for house of representatives--costs
how paid--disposition of balance.
21.235. Printing, other services for the senate--costs how paid--disposition
of balance.
21.240. Joint expenses, how controlled.
21.250. Statutes, how authenticated when passed over veto, effective, when.
21.260. Appropriations to be itemized.
21.270. Governor to return bills when general assembly recesses for more
than fifteen and less than thirty days.
21.280. Local laws, how passed.
21.290. Notice.
21.300. By whom signed, where published.
21.310. Proof of publication.
21.320. Notice to be attached to bill.
21.330. Mechanical roll call for house authorized.
21.340. Requirements for mechanical roll call.
21.350. Visual record board required.
21.360. Voting for another member--penalty.
21.370. Oaths, by whom administered.
21.380. Depositions.
21.390. Presiding officer may issue commission to take depositions.
21.400. Subpoenas shall be issued--attested, how.
21.410. Writs and process may be issued.
21.420. Lobbyists not to go upon the floor of the house or senate--penalty.
21.430. Disturbance of committee, how punished.
21.435. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
21.440. Committee created, members, appointment, terms--political
21.445. Organization of committee, officers--meetings, quorum--expenses
of members.
21.450. Employment of personnel--committee on legislative research to
provide personnel.
21.455. Duties of joint committee.
21.460. Institutions to cooperate with committee--may subpoena witnesses
and papers.
21.465. Annual report of committee, contents.
21.475. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
21.485. Study on governance in urban school districts--report.
21.487. Public institutions of higher education funding formula, joint
committee to develop and implement.
21.505. Reimbursement of political subdivisions for loss of tax on
household goods, how computed--duties of director of revenue
and of state tax commission.
21.520. Reports of receipts and expenditures required, when, to
whom--restrictions on certain expenditures.
21.525. Institutions of higher education to report.
21.527. Contracts or leases of facilities by state agencies or state
institutions of higher education to be first approved by general
21.530. Committee created, members, appointment--political representation.
21.535. Organization of committee, officers--meetings, quorum--expense
21.537. Duties--employment of personnel--report to general assembly, when.
21.550. Definition.
21.553. Joint committee on public retirement established--membership--terms.
21.555. Meeting of committee--quorum--officers, qualifications, expenses
and per diem.
21.557. Personnel and actuarial assistance authorized--compensation, how
21.559. Powers and duties of joint committee.
21.561. Retirement systems, state and local to cooperate.
21.562. Cost-of-living increases in pension benefits, notice of to committee,
when--evidence of actuarial soundness, when.
21.563. Report, contents--submitted when.
21.564. Study by joint committee on public pensions, retirement and
benefits--report to general assembly, when.
21.600. Definitions.
21.605. Senate bills, how filed--immediate printing--what rules apply.
21.610. House bills, how filed--immediate printing--what rules apply.
21.615. Automatic introduction of filed bills.
21.620. Expenses, how paid.
21.750. Firearms legislation preemption by general assembly,
exceptions--limitation on civil recovery against firearms or
ammunitions manufacturers, when, exception.
21.760. (Transferred 2013, now 29.351)
21.770. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
21.771. Joint committee established, members, duties, meetings--expiration
21.780. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
21.795. Joint committee on transportation oversight, members, quorum--report,
when, contents--meetings, examination of reports, records
required to be submitted.
21.800. Joint committee on terrorism, bioterrorism, and homeland security
established, members, duties, meetings, expenses,
report--expires, when.
21.801. Committee created, members, meetings--report, content--subcommittee
21.805. Joint committee on the life sciences established, members,
appointment, duties, meetings, report.
21.810. Joint committee on tax policy established, members, appointment,
21.811. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
21.820. Joint committee on government accountability established, members,
duties, meetings, staff, report.
21.830. Joint committee established, members, meetings, duties, hearings,
report--dissolution of committee.
21.835. Joint committee to evaluate removal of certain offenses from the
sexual offender registry.
21.840. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1516 Revision A merged with H.B. 1965 A)
21.850. Joint committee established, members, duties, report.
21.910. Committee created, members, duties--report--expiration.
21.920. Committee established, members, terms, duties--report.

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