Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 44
Civil Defense

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August 28, 2013

44.010. Definitions.
44.020. State emergency management agency created.
44.022. Powers and duties of governor.
44.023. Disaster volunteer program established, agency's
duties--expenses--immunity from liability, exception.
44.024. Public safety director to head emergency management agency.
44.028. State may accept federal goods and services on behalf of itself and
its subdivisions.
44.032. Emergency powers of governor, uses--Missouri disaster fund, funding,
expenditures, procedures, purposes--aid to political subdivisions,
when, procedure--expenditures in excess of $1,000, governor to
44.045. Health care professionals may be deployed during a state of
emergency--immunity from liability, when--release of certain
confidential information permitted, when.
44.080. All political subdivisions shall establish a local emergency
management organization.
44.090. Mutual-aid agreements--participation in statewide mutual aid
system--reimbursement for services provided, benefits.
44.100. Emergency powers of governor.
44.101. Firearms and ammunition, state of emergency, no restrictions
44.105. Governor-declared state of emergency, suspension of certain state law
provisions, when--volunteers, responsibilities of--staffing
authority of the department.
44.110. Cooperation of existing state agencies and political subdivisions in
emergency--suspension of activities and functions of state agencies
and political subdivisions may be ordered.
44.112. Rules of governor to govern all organizations established under
sections 44.010 to 44.130--each organization to have copy of all
rules and regulations.
44.113. Political activity by emergency management organizations prohibited.
44.114. Local licensing or registration ordinances, prohibition on imposition
of restrictions or enforcement on insurer's claims handling
operations, when.
44.115. Persons employed by or associated with civil defense
agencies--qualifications--oath required.
44.120. Expenses, how paid.
44.125. Agency to work with volunteers.
44.130. Regulations to be filed with secretary of state--violations--penalty.
44.225. Citation of law--short title.
44.227. Commission on seismic safety created--members,
qualifications--officers--quorum--terms--removal from
44.229. Commission's powers.
44.231. Program to prepare state for responding to a major earthquake,
commission's duty to establish.
44.233. Duties of commission.
44.235. Review and advisory powers of commission.
44.237. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
44.415. Emergency mutual aid compact.

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