Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 49
County Commissions and County Buildings

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August 28, 2013

49.010. County court to be known as county commission--membership of
commission--two districts in each county.
49.020. Election--term of office--residence.
49.050. Commissioners to be commissioned by governor.
49.060. Vacancy, how certified--eligibility.
49.070. Quorum.
49.079. County commission to appoint sewer supervisor--compensation and
duties, how fixed (certain second class counties).
49.082. Compensation of certain county commissioners, may be reduced, vote
required--training program, attendance required, when, expenses,
49.091. (Repealed L. 2003 H.B. 267 A)
49.093. County department officers to inspect and inventory personal property
used by department--additional inventory inspected by county
clerk--report to be filed and signed by clerk (counties of the
third and fourth classification).
49.095. (Repealed L. 2003 H.B. 267 A)
49.097. Additional duties of county commissioners (second class counties).
49.098. Additional duties of county commissioners (second, third and fourth
class counties).
49.101. Vacancies, interim county officials appointed, when--expiration.
49.140. County commissioners prohibited from doing certain things.
49.150. Penalty for violating section 49.140.
49.160. Who shall hold meetings when majority of commissioners are absent.
49.170. Terms of commission, when held.
49.180. Special terms.
49.190. Notice for special term.
49.200. Adjourned terms.
49.210. County commission may award process.
49.220. Proceeds before county commission may be transferred to circuit
court, when.
49.225. Stenographic record.
49.230. Appeals.
49.260. Settlements with county treasurers and other officers.
49.264. County commission may grant easements to watershed subdistricts.
49.265. County commission may authorize closing of county offices, when,
procedure (second, third and fourth class counties).
49.266. County commission by orders or ordinance may regulate use of county
property, traffic, and parking--burn bans.
49.267. (Repealed L. 2003 H.B. 267 A)
49.268. (Repealed L. 2003 H.B. 267 A)
49.269. (Repealed L. 2003 H.B. 267 A)
49.270. County commission to control county property--to audit demands
against county.
49.272. County counselor may impose fine for certain violations of rules,
regulations or ordinances, amount (Boone, Cass, Jasper,
Jefferson, and Greene Counties).
49.273. (Repealed L. 2003 H.B. 267 A)
49.275. County commission may provide transportation for county officers
and employees (first class counties).
49.276. County commission may provide law enforcement vehicles (third and
fourth class counties).
49.278. Governing body may provide certain benefits for county employees,
49.280. Ex officio commissioner to sell county lands--deeds by.
49.285. County not to own real estate in other counties, exceptions--sheriff's
sale--restrained by circuit court, when.
49.287. County may lease property--procedures (certain first class counties).
49.290. Lands sold by the county--procedure to obtain deed.
49.292. Rejection of transfer of real property by donation or dedication
authorized, when--proof and acknowledgment required.
49.300. County commission may institute condemnation proceedings--power
of circuit court.
49.303. Disposition of garbage and refuse by constitutional charter
county--plants, how financed.
49.305. Sites for courthouse, jail, may acquire--funds from which payment
49.310. County commission to erect and maintain courthouses, jails--issue
bonds--certain counties authorized to maintain jails outside
boundaries of county seat.
49.320. County commission may order buildings erected.
49.330. Superintendent, appointment, compensation.
49.370. Site for county building.
49.380. (Repealed L. 2003 H.B. 267 A merged with S.B. 281 A)
49.390. Circuit court to examine title.
49.400. County commission to pay for building site, when.
49.410. Plan of building to be submitted.
49.420. Advertisement for bids--may let at private contract, when.
49.430. Bond of contractor.
49.440. Superintendent to supervise work and report progress.
49.450. Payments to contractor, when made.
49.460. Order of payment, when made.
49.470. County commission may alter and repair county buildings, when.
49.480. Insurance of courthouses and jails--disposition of proceeds.
49.490. Damages recoverable for injuring county property.
49.500. County contracts to be inquired into on petition.
49.510. County to provide and equip offices.
49.520. Acquisition, erection or expansion of county buildings authorized,
49.525. Issuance of bonds--ordinance required, contents.
49.530. Interest rate and maturity of bonds.
49.535. Bonds negotiable and tax free--method of sale--payable from
revenue only.
49.540. Obligation of county for rent or charges, limits--right to use
49.545. Application of proceeds of bonds.
49.550. Lien on buildings and land--rights of bondholders.
49.555. Receiver on default in payment of bonds.
49.560. Revenues placed in special fund--use--rentals, rates and charges.
49.565. Surplus in fund, disposition of.
49.570. Additional bonds--refunding bonds.
49.575. Administration of buildings and income, obligation of bonds.
49.580. This method of acquisition additional, not exclusive.
49.600. National flood insurance program, adoption and rescission
procedure--exemptions (certain second, third, fourth class
49.605. Permits, authorized requirements for applicant.
49.610. Variances may be granted by county commission, when.
49.615. Judicial review of all final decisions, orders and actions, when.
49.650. Certain county ordinances and resolutions authorized relating to
county property and affairs--submission to voters--certain
restrictions for counties of the third classification.

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