Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 60
County Surveyors and Land Surveys

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August 28, 2013

60.010. Surveyor to be elected in certain counties--qualifications--term.
60.030. Oath--bond--receipt of records.
60.040. Failure to give bond, office to become vacant.
60.050. Bond, approval.
60.060. Bond valid until rejected.
60.070. Rejection of bond.
60.090. Deputies--oaths--qualifications.
60.100. May charge for services (second, third, and fourth class counties).
60.120. Survey, duty to make, fee.
60.130. Survey, how made when surveyor interested.
60.140. Lands divided by county lines, by whom surveyed.
60.150. Survey may be legal evidence, standards for survey.
60.160. Survey, land in dispute.
60.170. Surveyor to execute orders of court.
60.185. County surveyors, duties.
60.195. United States field notes on survey of counties, how obtained and
filed in office of county surveyor.
60.205. Failure to perform duties, civil action to obtain fine, amount.
60.301. Definitions.
60.305. Resurvey of United States land survey--rules.
60.311. Corners original position to be determined.
60.315. Lost corners reestablishment--rules.
60.321. Lost corners, monumentation, procedure--violation deemed misconduct.
60.326. Law not to affect previous surveys.
60.331. Quarter-sections, how established.
60.335. Quarter-quarter sections, how established.
60.341. Fractional sections, how established.
60.345. Corners of quarter-sections south of township line, east of range
line, how established.
60.351. Destruction of landmarks, duty of county surveyor to report.
60.355. Prohibits removal or destroying of property markers--penalty--damages.
60.360. United States field notes on county surveys obtained by county
surveyor--cost, how paid.
60.401. Missouri state coordinate system established.
60.410. State divided into three zones--descriptions.
60.421. Zones, official names.
60.431. Location, use of plane coordinate to establish.
60.441. Descriptions involving more than one zone.
60.451. Missouri coordinate system zones precisely defined.
60.461. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
60.471. Use of term limited.
60.480. Property descriptions based on United States public land survey
60.491. Missouri coordinate system of 1983 to be sole system after July
60.510. Powers and duties of department.
60.530. Surveyor, duties.
60.540. Department may acquire property, how.
60.550. Ownership of markers in department, unauthorized tampering prohibited,
duty to prosecute.
60.560. Attorney general to advise commission or department.
60.570. Headquarters, where located--land survey building, name of.
60.580. Right of entry, immune to trespass arrest.
60.590. Records to be furnished department--department to furnish records at
60.595. Department revolving services fund, purpose--unexpended balances.
60.600. Registered surveyors to be used--private employment prohibited.
60.610. Department may contract.
60.620. Land survey commission
selection--meetings, quorum--expenses--duties--annual report,
content to be public.
60.650. Certain surveys to be filed with recorder.
60.653. Recorder of deeds, duties--copies of plats to be evidence when
60.657. Plat not required to be filed, when.
60.659. Penalties.
60.660. Survey to constitute improvement.
60.670. Digital cadastral parcel mapping, minimum standards, rulemaking

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