Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 67
Political Subdivisions, Miscellaneous Powers

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August 28, 2013

67.010. Political subdivisions to prepare annual
budget--contents--expenditures not to exceed revenues.
67.020. Budget officer, designation, duties--submission of budget.
67.030. Governing body may revise budget, limits--approval.
67.040. Increase of expenditure over budgeted amount to be made only on formal
67.042. License or fee adjustment not deemed "increase", as used in Missouri
Constitution, article X, section 22, when--records required.
67.048. Annual report required, when.
67.050. Transfer of funds from one agency to another.
67.055. Moneys collected for additional costs and expenses, review by
county budget officer.
67.060. Orders increasing total budget kept on file three years--attestation.
67.070. Budget for preceding year to govern, when.
67.080. Expenditures prohibited unless authorized under this chapter.
67.085. Investment of certain public funds, conditions.
67.090. State officials to prepare forms for budgets, orders, resolutions and
67.100. Applicability of law.
67.110. Fixing ad valorem property tax rates, procedure--failure to establish,
effect--new or increased taxes approved after September 1 not to
be included in that year's tax levy, exception.
67.130. Training commission for county officials
67.133. (Repealed L. 2003 H.B. 613 A merged with S.B. 466 A)
67.136. Municipal courts, utilization of collection agencies permitted, when.
67.138. Liability of political subdivisions for certain frivolous actions.
67.140. Ownership of domestic animals, no laws or regulations to prohibit.
67.145. First responders, political activity while off duty and not in
uniform, political subdivisions not to prohibit.
67.150. Insurance for elected officials and employees, political subdivision
may contribute--contracting procedure.
67.200. Political subdivisions or corporations having over $100,000,000
assessed valuation may pension officers and employees--exceptions.
67.210. Political subdivisions may provide health insurance benefits when, to
67.212. Failure of board members to attend meetings, commission's power to
67.250. Cities and counties may grant funds to fire protection and library
districts, when.
67.275. Electrical contractor licenses issued by political subdivisions
valid in all political subdivisions.
67.280. Communities may incorporate by reference certain technical
codes--penalty provisions, requirements--definitions.
67.281. Installation of fire sprinklers to be offered to purchaser by builder
of certain dwellings--purchaser may decline--expiration date.
67.282. Public street used for construction traffic not to be limited by
ordinances, when (certain counties).
67.300. Counties and cities, towns and villages authorized to operate
ambulance service--rates may be set--insurance may be purchased.
67.303. Economic growth, promotion and development in county--powers of county
67.304. Charitable contributions, organizations may solicit in roadway, when,
67.305. Counties or cities not to arrest or punish for public intoxication.
67.306. Admission tickets, sale or resale of, no restrictions on price or
fees, exceptions.
67.307. Sanctuary policies for municipalities prohibited--definitions--duty of
law enforcement to cooperate in immigration enforcement.
67.310. Exceptions to freedom from arrest or punishment involving drunkenness
or being under influence of alcohol.
67.315. Intoxicated persons, how handled--officer granted immunity from legal
action, when.
67.316. Public food service establishments, pets permitted, when.
67.317. Ordinances restricting owner of real property displaying signs for
sale or lease, prohibited--exception.
67.318. Street addresses to be posted conspicuously to aid emergency
location, ordinances by cities or counties--fire department to
67.319. Water service lines, repair programs, municipalities and certain
districts--fee imposed--ballot language--administration--fee
added to general tax levy bill, when.
67.320. County orders, violations may be brought in circuit court,
when--county municipal court to be approved, appointment of
judges, procedures (Jefferson and Franklin counties).
67.329. Local ordinances regulating amateur radio antennas authorized,
limitations, requirements--historic preservation considerations
67.330. Short title.
67.340. Assistance to political subdivisions encouraged.
67.350. Use of state data processing equipment by political subdivisions.
67.360. Political subdivisions, use of state procurement service authorized.
67.370. State agencies may contract with political subdivisions.
67.380. Charges limited to cost of service.
67.390. Contracts to be filed with secretary of state.
67.391. Tax may be imposed by certain counties--election--ballot form--tax
rate--effective, when, termination, when.
67.392. Sales tax may be imposed by certain counties--rate of tax--election
ballot form--deposit in special trust fund, purpose--terminates,
when (Clay County).
67.395. Deposit--trust fund established--distribution to counties,
when--refunds authorized--tax abolished, effect.
67.398. Debris on property, ordinance may require abatement--abatement for
vacant building in Kansas City--effect of failure to remove nuisance,
67.399. Registration fee for violations of housing codes--municipalities
and St. Louis County--investigation--appeal--lien on property,
67.400. Ordinance may require vacation, demolition or repair of structures,
67.402. Abatement of nuisance in certain counties (Andrew, Boone, Buchanan,
Cass, Cole, Dade, Jasper, Jefferson, Livingston,
Newton)--ordinance requirements.
67.410. Provisions required in ordinance.
67.412. Fire and casualty insurance companies and director of the department
of insurance, financial institutions and professional
registration, notification and duties.
67.414. Payment of claim without deduction on certification that insured will
make premises safe.
67.420. Ordinance may provide penalties for noncompliance or delay.
67.430. Appeal must be authorized.
67.440. Emergency powers may be authorized.
67.450. Liability of subdivision for wrongful action.
67.451. Ordinance enforcement, special tax bills for recovery of costs.
67.453. Neighborhood improvement districts--definitions.
67.455. Neighborhood improvements--bonds, special assessments.
67.456. Neighborhood improvement districts--duration of bond
maturity--maintenance provisions required, when--assessed
costs on divided property recalculated, how, restrictions.
67.457. Establishment of neighborhood improvement districts--procedure--notice
of elections, contents--alternatives, petition,
contents--maintenance costs, assessment--recording requirements.
67.458. Adjoining counties, contract to improve roads, district may be
formed--unanimous decision required--fund, expenditures, appraisal.
67.459. Apportionment of improvement costs--governing body to establish
67.461. Assessments, plans, specifications--public filing--duties of
67.463. Public hearing, procedure--apportionment of costs--special
assessments, notice--payment and collection of assessments.
67.465. Period of limitation, lawsuits.
67.467. Supplemental assessments authorized, when--reassessments.
67.469. Assessment treated as tax lien, payable upon foreclosure.
67.471. Temporary notes, general obligation bonds.
67.473. Funds to be created--use of funds--use of balance upon completion
of improvements.
67.475. Maximum bond indebtedness--advisory committee in certain cities.
67.478. (Repealed L. 2004 H.B. 795, et al. A merged with H.B. 833 A
merged with S.B. 1155 A)
67.481. (Repealed L. 2004 H.B. 795, et al. A merged with H.B. 833 A
merged with S.B. 1155 A)
67.484. (Repealed L. 2004 H.B. 795, et al. A merged with H.B. 833 A
merged with S.B. 1155 A)
67.487. (Repealed L. 2004 H.B. 795, et al. A merged with H.B. 833 A
merged with S.B. 1155 A)
67.490. (Repealed L. 2004 H.B. 795, et al. A merged with H.B. 833 A
merged with S.B. 1155 A)
67.493. (Repealed L. 2004 H.B. 795, et al. A merged with H.B. 833 A
merged with S.B. 1155 A)
67.500. Short title--definitions.
67.505. Election procedure--sales tax imposed, property taxes to be
reduced--rate of tax.
67.506. Computation of county sales tax levy.
67.525. Deposit--distribution to county, when--refunds authorized--tax
abolished, effect.
67.540. Repeal or amendment of sales tax--procedure.
67.545. Law not applicable to certain cities and counties.
67.547. Sales tax imposed in counties, rate of tax--election procedure--St.
Louis County and New Madrid County, distribution of revenue,
limitation on use--all-county trust fund for overpayment refunds
and bad check redemption--abolishing tax, procedure.
67.548. County commission of certain counties approving sales tax, authorized
actions--share to other political subdivisions, how distributed
(Clay and Platte counties).
67.550. Sales tax imposed in certain first class counties--rate of
tax--election procedure--revenue to be used to build and maintain
certain facilities--effective when--terminates when (St. Charles
and Jefferson counties).
67.570. Deposit--distribution to counties, when--refunds authorized--tax
abolished, effect (St. Charles County).
67.571. Museums and festivals, sales tax authorized (Buchanan County).
67.572. Repeal of sales tax, procedure.
67.573. Sales tax to be an additional tax to taxes in chapter 144--computation
of tax.
67.574. Director of revenue to be responsible for administration and
operation of the tax.
67.576. Collection of the tax requirements--applicable penalties.
67.577. Delinquency in payment, limitation for bringing suit.
67.578. Certain counties (Andrew) may impose a sales tax for museum purposes,
amount--ballot, effective date--collection of tax--applicable
provisions and exemptions--museum board, members, duties--repeal
of tax, effective date.
67.581. St. Louis County, additional sales tax--rate of tax--election
procedure--distribution of revenue, alternative plans--method to
change distribution of funds--collection procedure--limitation on
use of funds--trust fund for overpayment refunds or redeeming bad
checks--abolishing tax, procedure.
67.582. Law enforcement sales tax--rate of tax--election procedure--special
trust fund established--duties of director of revenue--refunds,
procedure (all counties except certain first class charter counties).
67.583. County employee benefit sales tax--rate of tax--election
procedure--administration of tax--refunds (St. Francois County).
67.584. Sales tax authorized, Jefferson County--proceeds to be used for
county prosecutor's office and law enforcement services--ballot
67.590. Sales tax imposition by certain second class counties--rate of
tax--election procedure--revenue for construction of law
enforcement facilities and communication centers--effective
when--terminates when (Buchanan County).
67.594. Deposit--distribution to counties, when--refunds authorized--tax
abolished, effect (Buchanan County).
67.601. Regional convention and visitors commission, appointment--terms,
vacancies--limitation on powers of members, when.
67.604. Definitions.
67.607. Powers of commission.
67.611. Decisions by majority, exceptions.
67.614. Penalties may be imposed by ordinances for injuries to commission's
67.617. Annual report--annual audit by certified public accountant,
67.619. Tax on hotels, motels, sleeping rooms--rate--submitted to voters,
when--procedure--ballot form--effective when--adoption to exempt
from certain other taxes.
67.621. Revenues, distribution.
67.623. Collection and administration of tax, options.
67.624. Collection of tax, duties--unlawful advertisement--sale of business,
duties--civil action allowed, when.
67.626. Lien allowed, when, procedure--release of, when--recorder's fee,
amount--violations, penalty.
67.627. Regional cultural and performing arts district created--purpose.
(St. Louis, city and county).
67.628. Definitions.
67.629. Commission appointment, terms--qualifications--vacancies--officers'
powers--cultural institutions defined.
67.631. Penalties may be imposed by ordinances for injuries--district's
67.633. Staff and administration expenses, limitation--certain institutions
not to receive funds.
67.636. Reports by commission, when--audit by certified public accountant,
when, compensation.
67.638. Definitions.
67.639. Convention and sports complex fund, certain cities and counties may
establish, purpose.
67.641. General assembly may make appropriations, conditions,
limitations--matching funds required locally.
67.643. Law not to impair existing rights of political subdivisions.
67.645. Report to general assembly, when--biennial audit, required.
67.650. Regional convention and sports complex authority established.
67.651. Definitions.
67.652. Commissioners to be
appointed--qualifications--terms--vacancies--officer's and
employee's compensation--expenses--disqualified from voting on
issue, when.
67.653. Commission's powers and duties--bond issues
authorized--rate--sales--refunding--exemption from income tax.
67.654. Investment in bond issues, by whom, authority.
67.655. Tax exemption for property and income of authority.
67.656. Regional convention and sports complex fund established--lapse to
general revenue prohibited--funding, where.
67.657. Powers of authority, city or county--tax on sales or charges for
hotels, voter approval, rate--ballot form--collection of tax--uses
of revenue, excess revenue--alternative tax in lieu of license fee,
ballot form, collection of tax--uses of revenue.
67.658. Report by authority, contents, when--audit of accounts by independent
accountants, when.
67.660. Greater St. Louis sports authority created--commissioners'
qualifications--chairman, how appointed--actions binding
67.661. Authorities' duties--annual report due when--no public revenue
67.662. Limitations on applicability
67.663. Tourism taxes, collection, distribution and administration.
67.664. Limitations on imposition of tourism taxes.
67.665. Tourism tax may be levied by certain lakefront counties, rate--tourism
fund created--use of revenues--tourism committee, appointment, terms,
duties--transient guest defined--refunds and penalties.
67.667. Adoption of tourism tax, procedure--ballot form.
67.669. Additional fee for short-term rentals of motor vehicles, check-off
box provided (Platte County).
67.671. Tourism sales tax may be imposed by certain counties--election--ballot
form--tax rate--effective when.
67.672. Retailer in area to add tax to purchase price--collection to be based
on bracket system.
67.673. Repeal of tax, procedure, ballot form--effective when.
67.674. Additional tax imposed on goods subject to tourism sales tax,
computation--report to county collector or to director of revenue,
67.676. Collection of tourism tax, duties of county collector or director of
revenue, when.
67.678. Collection provisions--exemptions--discounts--penalties--sale deemed
consummated, where.
67.680. Cost of collection--fund established--county treasurer's
duties--bonding requirements--annual audit--abolishing tax,
effect on fund.
67.681. Delinquencies--limitation for bringing suit--prosecutor may bring
67.683. Tourism board, appointment--qualifications--term--duties--staff
67.685. Counties may cooperate--percentage of total collection--effect on
additional board member.
67.700. Sales tax for capital improvements may be imposed in certain counties,
procedure--use of revenue--tax effective when--brackets to be
established--rate of tax--sales tax revenue collected, defined.
67.701. Submission of ballot--limitations on use of revenue (St. Louis
67.712. Deposit--distribution to county, when--refunds authorized--tax
repealed, effect.
67.713. County-municipal storm water and public works trust fund created--tax
revenue, how distributed (St. Louis County).
67.721. Repeal or amendment of sales tax, procedure.
67.724. Definition of county.
67.727. Tax may be imposed in addition to other sales taxes--counties may
contract with certain political subdivisions to handle projects.
67.729. Sales tax for storm water control and public works may be imposed,
how--collection and distribution of revenues--abolition of tax,
67.730. Capital improvements sales tax--bonds--election procedure--ballot
67.731. Bonds, advertisement and sale, limitations on use of proceeds,
retirement, interest rate--not an indebtedness of the
county--bonds shall be negotiable instruments.
67.732. Imposition of tax, when--interest and sinking fund, limitations on
67.733. Bonds, refunding.
67.734. Rate of tax.
67.737. Applicable provisions, administration.
67.738. Trust fund, distribution of proceeds--additional duties of director of
revenue--refunds authorized.
67.739. Voter approval required for removal or amendment--contracts with other
political subdivisions authorized.
67.745. Recreation sales tax authorized--ballot language--rate, use of
moneys--expiration date.
67.750. Definitions.
67.755. Subdivision may establish recreational system, restriction--tax
levy--limits--excess property may be sold, exception.
67.760. Joint operation of recreation system.
67.765. Administration by existing agency or by board or
commission--organization of board.
67.770. Subdivision may accept gifts for recreational purposes.
67.775. Use of facilities of other governmental agencies, when.
67.780. Effect on other powers of subdivision.
67.781. County recreational system--citation of law--definitions.
67.782. Recreation sales tax--rate of tax--election procedure--duties of
director of revenue--refunds authorized--expires, when (Bollinger
and Cape Girardeau counties).
67.783. Recreational lake authority--purpose and powers--exemption--immunity.
67.785. Lake authority,
67.787. Lake authority--initial meeting--officers--duties--bond,
67.788. Lake authority--powers--funds--condemnation--security force--zoning.
67.789. Lake authority--revenue bonds, form, denominations,
terms--options--refunds--negotiability--security--not liability
of state--not personal liability.
67.790. Lake authority--tax increment financing--approval, by whom.
67.792. Regional recreation district may be created, territory that
may be included--ineligible areas, exception--powers of
district--disincorporation in Clay County, procedure.
67.793. Petition to create a regional recreational district--filed
67.794. Hearing on petition--notice by publication, content--costs how
paid--two petitions filed covering in part same territory, procedure.
67.795. Submission of question, formation or expansion of a regional
recreation district, when.
67.796. Ballot form, content.
67.797. Board of directors appointed for district or elected in certain
districts (Clay County), qualifications--terms--officers--powers
and duties--money to be deposited in treasury of county
containing largest portion of district.
67.798. Bonds--issuance, interest, payments--income tax exemption.
67.799. Regional recreational district may levy property or sales tax,
purpose--rate of tax--election, ballot form--tax, how
collected--qualified voters defined.
67.800. Notice to nonresident property owners, when.
67.810. Owner to file affidavit of request, contents, fee.
67.820. Notice, how sent, by whom.
67.830. Receipt of notice, owner to refile affidavit.
67.840. Request for notice expires, when, renewed, how.
67.850. Failure of notice, effect of.
67.860. Nonresident property owner defined.
67.870. Policy statement.
67.875. Provisions of sections 67.870 to 67.910 applicable to state and
certain subdivisions.
67.880. Who may acquire land and for what purpose.
67.885. Plan for conservation, hearing and reports required before
condemnation authorized.
67.890. Not-for-profit organizations may acquire land or water rights in same
manner, exception.
67.895. Tax assessments, how affected.
67.900. Definitions.
67.905. Authorization to accept funds or grants.
67.910. Sections 67.870 to 67.910 not to apply to second class counties having
more than 100,000 and less than 110,000 inhabitants.
67.950. Dissolution of certain special purpose districts--procedure for
election, form of ballot.
67.955. Procedure for dissolution--bonded indebtedness, effect of.
67.970. Definitions.
67.972. Residential renovation loan commission, procedure to
establish--commission membership, terms--expenses.
67.974. Powers of commission.
67.976. Residences selected for renovation, location--plans to have hearing
before commissions to determine impact.
67.978. Bonds issues, authorization--forms--sales--rate of interest.
67.981. Notes authorized--sales--interest rate--to mature when.
67.983. Issuance of renewal notes and refunding bonds--sales.
67.990. Senior citizens' services fund tax, election, ballot, levy and
collection of, limitation.
67.993. Fund established, when--board of directors, appointment, members,
terms, vacancies, officers--duties--use of fund moneys--powers.
67.995. Fund abolished, moneys transferred to general revenue--audit of fund,
67.997. Senior services and youth program sales tax--ballot language--trust
fund created, use of moneys (Perry County).
67.1000. Transient guests to pay tax on sleeping rooms in hotels and motels,
purpose to fund convention and visitors bureau, any county and
certain cities--limitation on tax, certain cities and counties.
67.1002. Ballot form--tax to be effective when--collection of tax,
options--penalty on unpaid taxes--delinquent when, any county and
certain cities.
67.1003. Transient guest tax on hotels and motels in counties and cities
meeting a room requirement or a population requirement, amount,
issue submitted to voters, ballot language.
67.1004. Transient guest tax for certain counties, amount--issue submitted
to voters, ballot language (includes Platte County).
67.1005. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 161 A)
67.1006. Transient guests to pay tax on sleeping rooms in hotels or
motels--rate--election, ballot form--purpose, tourism--rate of
tax change, procedure (Pettis County).
67.1008. Tourism commission to be established, appointment, qualifications,
terms (Pettis County).
67.1009. Transient guest tax authorized for certain cities--ballot language
(Cities of Edmundson and Woodson Terrace).
67.1010. Tax revenues to be administered by commission for promotion of
tourism, powers and duties (Pettis County).
67.1012. Collection of tax, options, penalty for delinquency, when (Pettis
67.1015. Transient guests of hotels and motels to pay tax to fund exposition
and community center (including city of Marshall).
67.1016. County transient guest taxes--procedures.
67.1018. Transient guest tax to pay for law enforcement and promotion of
tourism (Carter County).
67.1020. Disaster relief services, nongovernmental agencies exempt from tax,
67.1062. Definitions.
67.1063. Governing body of county may establish program of assistance for
homeless--financing by additional user fees for recording instruments,
voter approval required.
67.1064. Recorder of deeds to file report--pay over funds to county
treasurer for deposit.
67.1065. Administrative body to be appointed, duties, expenses, limitation.
67.1067. Agencies applying for funds, information required.
67.1069. Requirements for agencies to be eligible for funds.
67.1070. Eligible agencies.
67.1071. Report to be made by agencies receiving funds, content--program.
67.1150. County convention and sports facilities authority to be a political
subdivision of state (St. Charles County).
67.1153. Authority to consist of five commissioners, qualifications,
appointment, chairman, elected from members, staff--quorum required
for action--terms, expenses.
67.1155. Powers and duties of commissioners.
67.1158. Tax on transient guests in hotels and motels may be
established--rate--purpose and use--ballot form, collection
options, delinquency, penalty, suits to enforce--audit
67.1159. Lien for unpaid taxes--release of lien, when--fee for recording
of lien--notification of sale of property, when--civil action
authorized, when.
67.1170. Lake area business district, authorized, boundaries--resolution,
contents--hearing, notice.
67.1175. Advisory board, established, members--duties, powers.
67.1177. Hotel and motel tax, authorized, rate--election, ballot,
costs--purpose, use of revenues--collection.
67.1180. Dissolution of district, procedures--trustee, appointment, duties.
67.1181. Audit required, promotion of tourism moneys.
67.1185. Hotel and motel charges, private tourist attraction charges, surcharge
on, maximum rate--exemption (Crawford County).
67.1186. Retailers liable for surcharge, collection and return of surcharges
(Crawford County).
67.1187. Tourism surcharge trust fund, established--use (Crawford County).
67.1188. Ballot for submission (Crawford County).
67.1189. Effective date of surcharge (Crawford County).
67.1200. Definitions.
67.1203. Political subdivision may adopt and enforce airport hazard area
zoning--hazard area may be divided into zones.
67.1205. Airport compatible land use zoning regulation may be adopted,
when--regulation of land adjacent or in vicinity of airport,
67.1207. County commission in certain counties submit to voters proposition
to adopt township military airport zoning--plan for all areas in
airport hazard area.
67.1210. Airport planning commission created--appointment,
qualifications--chairman to be elected by members--terms--removal
from office, procedure--vacancies.
67.1212. Election to establish military airport zoning, ballot form.
67.1214. Municipality adopting zoning ordinance, procedure--conflict in
regulation, more stringent limitation to prevail.
67.1216. Lights and markers to warn military aircraft, municipality permitted
to install, operate and maintain--alteration or interference with use
of structures or trees prohibited--preexisting nonconforming
structures or trees not to be altered to cause hazards.
67.1218. Variances to zoning rules by alteration to building or permitting
growth of trees, procedure for variance applications to board of
adjustment, when--lights and marks to warn aircraft, powers of
67.1220. Board of adjustment, appointment--powers and
duties--qualifications--chairman to be elected by
members--removal of member from office, procedure--vacancies,
terms--procedure to reverse orders.
67.1222. Administrative agency to administer and enforce but not to be members
of board of adjustment--violations of airport zoning, penalties.
67.1224. Airport zoning regulation not applicable to certain counties.
67.1230. Countywide agricultural commodity research district, procedure to
establish--assessment fee not to exceed twenty-five cents per acre.
67.1233. Ballot form for submission to affected landowner.
67.1235. Majority of affected landowners required to form.
67.1237. District to be incorporated when--meeting to be held within thirty
days to elect board of supervisors--notice, publication,
content--election of board, procedure, qualifications, terms,
expenses, vacancies.
67.1239. Officers of board of supervisors to be elected at first
meeting--amount of fee to be set, collection by county collector.
67.1241. District to be body politic to sue and be sued--powers to
contract--accept gifts and grants.
67.1243. Fees to be deposited in financial institutions authorized to receive
county funds--personnel may be employed by board.
67.1245. Research on agricultural commodities, planting, production,
expansion and development, duties of district.
67.1247. Contracts and cooperation with other districts, colleges or
universities to carry out responsibilities.
67.1249. Grants may be awarded by board to conduct research.
67.1251. Joint districts may be formed to be governed by joint boards--contract
to specify procedures for election of joint board.
67.1253. Dissolution procedure for district--ballot form.
67.1260. Counties may form business associations to provide health care
insurance for prisoners in county jails.
67.1263. License fee for county groups providing health insurance for
prisoners--articles and bylaws to be filed, content--registered
in-state agent required--license issued, when.
67.1266. Association may begin business, when--no liability for members of
association--renewal license fee, annual report and amendments to
articles and bylaws filed when.
67.1269. Association to formulate safety and health improvement program for
the jails--content and procedure.
67.1272. Director of the department of insurance, financial institutions and
professional registration, right to examine association and to
take over association, when.
67.1275. Exemption from premium tax for association.
67.1300. Sales tax authorized certain counties--rate--ballot
form--expenditures--local economic development sales tax trust
fund created--deposit, records, distribution refunds--abolishing
tax--sections 32.085 and 32.087 applicable--economic development,
67.1303. Sales tax authorized in certain cities and counties, rate--ballot,
effective date--use of revenue, limitations--deposit of
funds--economic development tax board required, membership,
terms--board duties--annual report--repeal.
67.1305. Retail sales tax may be imposed in lieu of certain local economic
development sales tax--ballot language--collection and
distribution of moneys--trust fund and board to be
established--repeal of tax, procedure.
67.1350. Annexation by certain cities to promote economic development
67.1352. Annexation of municipal airports, when (city of Monett).
67.1360. Transient guests to pay tax for funding the promotion of tourism,
certain cities and counties, vote required.
67.1361. Tax on charges for sleeping rooms for certain counties and cities
(Buchanan County and City of St. Joseph).
67.1362. Ballot form, election procedure--collection and administration of
tax--penalties on unpaid taxes.
67.1364. Tourism commission--members, appointment, qualifications--tax
revenue, limitations on use.
67.1366. Transient guests to pay tax for funding the promotion of tourism,
vote required (including city of Independence).
67.1368. Tax authorized--ballot language (Douglas and Montgomery counties).
67.1401. Definitions.
67.1411. Districts, how established.
67.1421. Public hearing to establish--petition, requirements--clerk's
duties--amended petition--clerk to report.
67.1422. Establishment of district subject to vote, ballot language--repeal or
amendment of property tax, when.
67.1431. Public hearing, notice.
67.1441. Removal from and addition to district, procedure.
67.1442. Certain cities, removal of real property from district or change in
class designation, purpose, procedure (Springfield).
67.1451. Board of directors, election, qualifications, appointment, terms,
removal, actions.
67.1461. Powers of district--reimbursement of municipality--limitations.
67.1471. Fiscal year--budget--meeting--report.
67.1481. Termination of district, procedure.
67.1485. Merger of districts, when--assessments, effect on.
67.1491. Obligations of district.
67.1501. Funding of district.
67.1511. Fund, how created, use.
67.1521. Special assessments, petition, funds, how collected--added to annual
real estate bill--separate fund required, when.
67.1531. Real property or business license tax, how imposed, ballot.
67.1541. Taxes and assessments, how collected, distributed.
67.1545. Sales and use tax authorized in certain districts--procedure to adopt,
ballot language, imposition and collection by
retailers--penalties for violations--deposit into trust fund,
use--repeal procedure.
67.1551. Election for real estate tax, procedure, results, reimbursement of
67.1561. Statute of limitations.
67.1571. Minimum wage limitation.
67.1600. Home equity program act--definitions.
67.1603. Home equity program--creation by petition or ordinance contingent on
approval by voters, appointment of commissioners if approved, certain
municipalities and counties eligible.
67.1606. Addition of new areas to existing home equity program, procedure.
67.1609. Merger of existing home equity programs, procedure--commissioners,
merger effect, residence, terms, vacancies.
67.1612. Powers and duties.
67.1615. Application for participation in program--eligibility, how
determined--certificate of participation issued if eligible.
67.1618. Member's home value guaranteed, when, procedure.
67.1621. Member to follow certain procedures in sale of home in order to
access program funds.
67.1624. Payment by program required, when.
67.1627. Payment program not made until sale closed and title or proprietary
interest passed.
67.1630. Member property acquired by eminent domain, program benefits may be
claimed, when.
67.1633. Member may apply for new appraisal, new guaranteed value and new
certificate, when.
67.1636. Member may appeal guaranteed values or dollar depreciations, how.
67.1639. Guarantee fund, maintenance mandatory, how funded, how used, audited
annually, adjust tax rate to meet liabilities.
67.1642. Termination of existing program, how.
67.1645. Program to protect against local adverse conditions only, how
determined--suspension of program, when.
67.1648. Commission may suspend new registration if fund depleted--program
debts not to be debts of other political subdivisions or the state.
67.1651. Indemnification of commissioners, officers or employees of a program,
67.1654. Suit may be brought, when, limitations.
67.1657. Program only proportionally liable when member has separate home
equity insurance.
67.1660. Member may withdraw at any time, right to sell privately not
abridged--antidiscrimination policy.
67.1663. Penalty.
67.1700. Metropolitan park and recreation district may be created--existing
recreation or public park systems already within district, effect,
67.1703. Metropolitan district to be body corporate and political subdivision.
67.1706. District to develop, operate and maintain system of interconnecting
trails and parks--power to contract with other parks.
67.1709. Political subdivision's departments in certain counties to operate
trails and parks by contract--limitation.
67.1712. Sales tax may be imposed on retail sales, rate to fund
program--additional sales tax, amount, purpose--ordinance to be
submitted to voters.
67.1713. No sales tax on food for counties in metropolitan park and recreation
districts, when.
67.1715. District ballot form, approval of majority required--district
established, when.
67.1718. Single county district, procedure.
67.1721. District to contain more than one county, procedure--counties wanting
to be included in district after it is established, procedure.
67.1724. Board of directors in one-county district, appointment,
qualifications, restrictions in certain counties--removal from office.
67.1727. Board members not to hold county office, exception--United States
citizenship and residence in county of district required--financial
interest in district contracts prohibited.
67.1730. Board member terms--vacancies, how filled, eligible for reappointment.
67.1733. President and officers of board to be elected at organizational
meeting--bylaws to be adopted, content.
67.1736. Money collected to be kept in separate fund and deposited in county
treasury of largest contributing county--board's powers and duties.
67.1739. Distribution of board members--new county entering district,
appointment of board members, when--restrictions--certain years,
county executives to determine allocation of board members,
arbitration, when.
67.1742. Powers and duties of the district.
67.1745. Public highway, street or road extending into trail or park area,
board may improve highway or road, procedure, district may agree to
pay portion of cost.
67.1748. Missouri products and supplies to be given preference.
67.1751. Metropolitan district not to have power of eminent domain.
67.1754. Sales tax, how allocated--reauthorization of tax, when.
67.1757. Municipal grant program for certain counties, purpose, members
of--grant commission, how determined, qualifications--advisory
committee to be established.
67.1760. Bonds may be issued by metropolitan district--rates, how paid.
67.1763. Refunding bonds issued by district--how paid--board members who cease
to be on board signing bonds or coupons, effect.
67.1766. Income from bonds exempt from income tax.
67.1769. Purchases in excess of ten thousand dollars to be made to the lowest
and best bid standard.
67.1775. Authorizes local sales tax in all counties and St. Louis City to
provide services for children--establishes fund.
67.1776. Short title--children's services fund reimbursement.
67.1800. Definitions.
67.1802. District boundaries.
67.1804. Regional taxicab commission established, powers.
67.1806. Membership of commission, appointments.
67.1808. Powers of the commission.
67.1809. Licensure, supervision, and regulation of persons who engage in
the business of transporting passengers in commerce.
67.1810. Duties of the commission--expenditures limited to fees collected.
67.1812. Taxicab code promulgated, procedure.
67.1813. Special taxicab license plate, application for, fee--revocation,
effect of--rulemaking authority.
67.1814. Airport taxicabs, limitation on regulation by the commission.
67.1816. City and county ordinances in effect until taxicab code adopted.
67.1818. Licensure, taxicab code to include administrative procedures.
67.1819. Background checks required, when--payment of fee.
67.1820. Commission to establish annual budget to enforce taxicab code.
67.1822. Annual report submitted by commission to CEOs of city and
county--CPA appointed by city and county for the commission.
67.1830. Definitions.
67.1832. Political subdivisions required to consent to certain activities by
public utility right-of-way users--recovery of costs,
procedure--permitted ordinance requirements.
67.1834. Restoration of a public right-of-way after excavation, standards and
conditions, completion dates.
67.1836. Denial of an application for a right-of-way permit, when--revocation
of a permit, when--bulk processing of permits allowed, when.
67.1838. Disputes to be reviewed by governing body of the political
subdivision, court action authorized.
67.1840. Fee imposed to recover management costs, amount--allocation of such
fees--uniform application of right-of-way laws required.
67.1842. Prohibited acts by political subdivisions--no right-of-way permit
required for projects commenced prior to August 28, 2001--no fee
required, when.
67.1844. Compliance with applicable safety and construction codes
required--licensed contractors and subcontractors required, when.
67.1846. Exceptions to applicability of right-of-way laws.
67.1848. Sewer and water lines in public roads, when permitted, limitations and
67.1850. Geographical information system may be created, purpose, open
records policy, fees for information, licensing, liability.
67.1860. Title.
67.1862. Definitions.
67.1864. District created in certain counties (includes Camden County).
67.1866. Vote required to create district--petition, contents--hearing on
petition, when, notice required.
67.1868. Opposition to formation of a district, petition filed, procedure.
67.1870. Costs of filing to be paid by petitioners.
67.1872. Board of directors, members.
67.1874. Notice of district organization--election of board members, terms.
67.1876. Powers of the board, meetings, corporate seal, quorum.
67.1878. Use of funds, sources of funding.
67.1880. Property tax imposed, when--ballot language--collection of tax.
67.1882. Contracting, borrowing and agreement authority of the district.
67.1884. Limitation on district's contracting authority.
67.1886. Additional powers of the district.
67.1888. Insurance obtained by the district, types, conditions.
67.1890. Change in district boundaries, procedure.
67.1892. Vote required for change in boundaries, when.
67.1894. Termination of taxing authority by petition, procedure.
67.1896. Vote required for termination of taxing authority, when--ballot
67.1898. Dissolution of a district, procedure.
67.1922. Water quality, infrastructure and tourism, sales taxes authorized
for certain counties--ballot language.
67.1925. Special trust fund created.
67.1928. Authorized appropriations from special trust fund.
67.1931. Indebtedness authorized to accomplish purposes of certain taxes.
67.1934. Repeal of tax, submitted to voters, ballot language.
67.1937. Safekeeping of county permanent records--accounting records and
annual audit.
67.1940. Donation of property to county.
67.1950. Definitions.
67.1953. Tourism community enhancement district authorized for certain
67.1956. Board of directors, members, terms, duties.
67.1958. Modification of requirements by vote of the district.
67.1959. Sales tax imposed, when--submitted to voters, ballot language.
67.1962. Special trust fund created.
67.1965. County collector to collect tax at discretion of the board--rules.
67.1968. Expenditure of sales tax revenue, conditions.
67.1971. Reduction of liability for entities remitting the sales tax.
67.1974. Expansion of district boundaries, procedure.
67.1977. Dissolution and repeal of the tax, procedure.
67.1978. Annual audit required.
67.1979. Removal of board members.
67.2000. Creation of an exhibition center and recreational facility district,
petition, hearing, ballot form--board of trustees, powers--trust
fund created--sales tax authorization, procedure--dissolution of
district (Buchanan, Caldwell, Camden, Clinton, Cole, Daviess,
DeKalb, Greene, Jefferson, Miller, Morgan, Newton, and Wright
67.2010. Certain counties may have associate circuit judges decide county
ordinance violations (Cass and Greene counties).
67.2015. (Repealed L. 2004 S.B. 758 A)
67.2030. Retail sales tax for tourism authorized, ballot language--collection
and administration of the tax--repeal of sales tax, procedure (city
of Weston, Platte County).
67.2040. Sales tax authorized--ballot language--revenue, use of moneys--repeal
of tax, ballot language.
67.2500. Establishment of a district, where--definitions.
67.2505. Purpose of district--name--size--subdistricts permitted--procedure for
establishment of a district.
67.2510. Alternative procedure for establishment of a district.
67.2515. Petition, contents, notice--hearing--district declared organized,
67.2520. Election conducted, when--sales tax vote, amount--ballot form.
67.2525. Board of directors, qualifications--subdivision of district,
how--powers and duties of the board.
67.2530. Refund of district indebtedness, when, how--imposition of a sales
tax authorized--deposit and use of sales tax revenue--repeal of
sales tax, ballot form.
67.2535. Monitoring of blasting operations permitted (St. Charles County).
67.2540. Definitions.
67.2546. Restrictions, prohibitions--violation, penalty.
67.2552. Prohibited acts, penalties--public policy interest to be
67.2555. Competitive bids required, when (Jackson County).
67.2675. Citation of law.
67.2677. Definitions.
67.2679. Purpose statement--preemption of regulation of video
services--state-issued video services authorization required,
67.2681. No separate franchise to be required by a franchise entity or
political subdivision.
67.2683. Compliance with FCC requirements for emergency messages.
67.2685. Expiration of authorization, when.
67.2687. Notice of commencement of service, when.
67.2689. Fee authorized, amount.
67.2691. Audits authorized--availability of records, expenses--cause of action
for disputes, procedure.
67.2692. Customer service requirements--definitions--inquiries, process for
handling--toll-free number to be maintained--filing of
67.2693. Report to be issued by the public service commission, contents.
67.2694. Confidentiality of subscriber information.
67.2695. Immunity of political subdivisions, when--indemnification,
67.2701. Transferability of authorizations, procedure.
67.2703. Designation of noncommercial channels authorized, when--PEG channels,
67.2705. Discrimination prohibited--defense to alleged violation--annual report
required--waiver permitted, when.
67.2707. Regulation of providers--political subdivisions prohibited from
imposing certain regulations.
67.2709. National Electric Safety Code, compliance with required.
67.2711. Noncompliance, effect of.
67.2714. Effective date.
67.2725. Notice required for public meeting on tax increases, eminent domain,
creation of certain districts, and certain redevelopment plans.
67.2800. Citation of law--definitions--projects subject to municipal ordinances
and regulations.
67.2805. Rulemaking authority.
67.2810. Clean energy development boards may be formed, members, powers of
board--annual report--limitation on certain legal actions.
67.2815. Assessment contract or levy of special assessment,
requirements--maximum assessment--assessment to be a lien,
when--right of first refusal, when.
67.2820. Program authorized, requirements--application process--audit may be
67.2825. Alternative financing method.
67.2830. Issuance of bonds.
67.2835. Allocation of state's residual share of certain bond limitation.
67.3000. Definitions--contract submitted to department for certification--tax
credit eligibility, procedure, requirements--rulemaking
67.3005. Tax credit authorized, amount--application, approval--rulemaking
authority--sunset date.
67.4500. Definitions.
67.4505. Authority created, powers, purpose--income and property exempt from
taxation--immunity from liability.
67.4510. Members, appointment.
67.4515. Initial meeting, when--officers, executive director--surety bond
requirements--conflict of interest.
67.4520. Powers of authority--transfer of property to authority, when--zoning
and planning powers.
67.5000. District authorized.
67.5002. Name of district.
67.5004. Responsibilities of district, powers and responsibilities supplemental
to other systems.
67.5006. Powers of district.
67.5008. Ballot language.
67.5010. Majority vote required.
67.5012. Sale tax authorized in counties of district.
67.5014. Allocation of sales tax.
67.5016. Department of revenue to administer and collect tax--director's
67.5018. Treasurer's duties--report required, when.
67.5020. Revenues from tax not to be allocated to special fund by
67.5022. Board of directors, appointment, terms, removal.
67.5024. Organizational meeting--adoption of bylaws, rules, and regulations.
67.5026. Qualifications of board members.
67.5028. Alterations of public highways, streets, or roads through parks,
trails, or greenways--agreements permitted.
67.5030. Eminent domain authority, district not authorized to exercise.
67.5032. Issuance of bonds, requirements.
67.5034. Negotiable refunding bonds permitted, limitations.
67.5036. Public function, board declared performing--exemption from taxation by
this state.
67.5038. Purchases in excess of $10,000 by lowest and best bid standard.
67.5090. Citation of law.
67.5092. Definitions.
67.5094. Prohibited acts by authority.
67.5096. Permitted acts of authority--applicants for new structures,
requirements--authority's duties--court review, when.
67.5098. Modification of structures, applicant requirements--authority's
duties--court review, when.
67.5100. Review for conformity with applicable building permit
requirements--authority's duties--court review, when.
67.5102. Prohibited acts.
67.5103. Power of eminent domain prohibited, when.
67.5104. Pole attachment defined--pole attachment fees, terms, and conditions
to be nondiscriminatory--review.

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