Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 70
Powers of Political Subdivisions to Cooperate or Contract with
Governmental Units

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August 28, 2013

70.010. Certain number of counties may join in performance of common
function--duties of county commissions--appointment of district
coroners, deputy district coroners, expenses.
70.020. Petition for election concerning joint proposal.
70.040. Form of ballot.
70.050. Certification of election to secretary of state--vote necessary
for adoption.
70.060. Commissioner of most populous county to call meeting of all county
commissions--issuance of bonds.
70.070. Procedure for withdrawal from joint undertaking.
70.080. Effect of withdrawal or dissolution.
70.090. Additional counties may join county group--procedure.
70.100. Municipalities and political subdivisions authorized to buy surplus
property of United States government.
70.110. Compliance with provisions of Surplus Property Act of 1944.
70.115. Cities and counties may contract with United States government
for recreational facilities along rivers.
70.120. Definitions.
70.130. County commissions empowered to make agreements with United States.
70.140. Political subdivisions shall be notified of agreements.
70.150. County treasurer shall present bill.
70.160. County treasurer shall disburse money--acceptance construed as
70.170. Political subdivisions authorized to enter into agreements--when.
70.180. Amount of payments--how determined.
70.190. Money received--where deposited.
70.200. Services to property may not be denied.
70.210. Definitions.
70.220. Political subdivisions may cooperate with each other, with other
states, the United States or private persons--tax distribution
agreement, authorized for certain counties and cities (Buchanan
County and city of St. Joseph; Greene County and city of
70.225. Emergency dispatching system, eligible for membership in local
government retirement system, when (St. Louis County).
70.226. Local public health agencies considered political subdivision, when,
what purpose.
70.230. Procedure for exercising power.
70.240. Lands may be acquired--how--by whom.
70.250. Method of financing.
70.260. Provisions which may be included in the joint contract.
70.270. Sovereignty to be retained.
70.280. Office of facility taken over may be abolished and duties transferred.
70.290. Immunities and liabilities of officers.
70.300. Execution of contracts.
70.310. Disbursement of funds.
70.320. Suits may be brought in circuit courts.
70.322. Road equipment, public entity, cemetery or nonprofit organization
may contract to use certain political subdivision's equipment,
70.325. Development and improvement of recreational facilities under
agreement by city and United States.
70.327. Kansas-Missouri flood prevention and control compact.
70.330. Power of city over 100,000 inhabitants to contract for certain
70.340. Cities may build sewers or levees, how, where.
70.350. Power to pay.
70.360. Power given to distribute cost.
70.370. Compact between Missouri and Illinois--creation and powers of
70.373. Additional powers of bi-state agency.
70.375. Tax status of property and bonds of bi-state agency.
70.377. Securities as lawful investments.
70.378. Power to employ persons to enforce rules--power of personnel,
jurisdiction--issuance of citation--procedure upon
arrest--training--agency may adopt rules--violation of rules,
70.379. Inclusion of minority and women business enterprises, conditions.
70.380. Commissioners of bi-state agency, appointment, qualifications.
70.385. Nominees for appointment selected from panel, procedure, panel
members designated.
70.390. Terms of commissioners.
70.400. Vacancies filled, how.
70.410. Commissioners to receive expenses only.
70.420. Powers and duties of commissioners.
70.421. Commissioners may meet by telephone--public meeting.
70.422. Buses, power to purchase and use--lights, color and intensity
70.427. Certain sections not to limit collective bargaining agreement.
70.429. United States Department of Transportation safety rules to apply.
70.441. Definitions--provisions to apply in interpreting this
section--prohibited acts--violation of section,
penalty--subsequent violations, penalty--juvenile offenders,
jurisdiction--stalled vehicles, removal.
70.500. Compact between Kansas and Missouri--creation and powers of
district--effective, when.
70.501. Metropolitan culture commission to be special district.
70.503. Sovereign immunity to apply.
70.505. Expenses reimbursed.
70.507. Countywide sales tax for district--rate--administration and
collection--fund created.
70.510. Expiration of compact, when.
70.515. Regional investment district compact with Kansas and Missouri.
70.520. Regional investment districts deemed special districts.
70.525. Sovereign immunity applicable to regional investment district and
70.530. Members of the regional investment district commission reimbursed,
70.535. Countywide sales tax authorized for regional investment districts,
rate, administration and collection, regional investment fund,
use of revenues--appropriation of funds, expiration of tax--funds
do not lapse--funds prohibited from use for certain special
allocation funds.
70.540. Regional investment district compact expires, when.
70.545. Counties and commission may operate under compact if not authorized by
Kansas, when.
70.600. Definitions.
70.605. Missouri local government employees' retirement system
created--jurisdiction, Cole County--board of trustees,
composition, terms--annual meeting--vacancies, how
created--oath--appointment of actuary, attorney and investment
counselor--mortality tables to be adopted--record of
proceedings--hearings, notice--surety bonds--annual
audits--expenses of board--rules and regulations, adoption.
70.610. Election to become an employer, when effective--who covered.
70.615. Other plans prohibited, exceptions.
70.620. Prior plan, effect of--discrimination between employees prohibited.
70.625. Employees acquired from another subdivision or private business,
how handled.
70.630. Membership, composition.
70.635. Member's termination of employment, effect of--reemployment in
system--retirement, service with more than one employer, effect of.
70.638. Elected county officials, may purchase prior service, procedure.
70.640. Prior service, membership service and credited service, how
computed--disability time included, when--certification of prior
service--purchase of prior military service, limitations--procedure.
70.645. Retirement, when eligible--eligibility for option.
70.646. Alternate election, system may provide for, how.
70.650. Mandatory retirement age, how determined.
70.655. Retirement benefits--program to be selected by governing body--formula
for computing benefits--cost-of-living factor--suspension of certain
benefits, when.
70.656. Final average compensation, period covered--governing body may
70.660. Optional retirement, election, when made--benefits, how
computed--death of beneficiary, effect (member and beneficiary).
70.661. Member deceased before retirement, surviving spouse or dependent
children entitled to benefits, when--determination of eligibility.
70.665. Death of retirant prior to receiving benefits equal to his
contributions, balance to his nominee or estate.
70.670. Early retirement, application--requirements--option--benefits, how
70.675. Deferred allowance, requirements, option--contribution withdrawal,
effect on credited service--death of former member prior to
retirement, allowance payable to surviving spouse, when.
70.676. Vested employee no longer covered by system may be bought out by
lump sum payment, how computed--limitations.
70.680. Disability retirement--medical examinations required, when--option.
70.685. (Repealed L. 2003 H.B. 131 A)
70.686. Retirant becoming reemployed in the system, effect of.
70.690. Member leaving system before eligible for retirement, disposition
of his contributions.
70.695. Rights accrued under sections 70.600 to 70.755 not subject to
garnishment, execution or bankruptcy proceedings, exceptions.
70.697. Member eligible to receive benefits under prosecuting attorneys'
retirement system, receipt of benefits--reduction of benefits, when,
70.700. Assets of system to be in five funds.
70.705. Members deposit fund, source, contributions of members, repayment of
withdrawals--transfers from fund--election to eliminate
contributions, when.
70.707. Elimination of member contributions, refunding of, procedure.
70.710. Employer accumulation fund, created, uses--employer contributions.
70.715. Benefit reserve fund, created, uses.
70.720. Casualty reserve fund, created, source of funds, uses.
70.722. Allowances and benefits, all payments to be made from benefit
reserve fund, when.
70.725. Income-expense fund, created, defined--gifts and bequests--regular
interest--contingency reserves.
70.730. Employer's contributions, how computed.
70.735. Political subdivisions delinquent in payments--lien--mandamus--state
aid withheld.
70.740. State not to contribute to system, exception.
70.745. Board may invest funds.
70.746. Board may delegate powers of investment, requirements--liability.
70.747. Board may invest in real estate--limitations.
70.750. Trustees and officers and employees of board, not to have interest
in investments of board, exception.
70.755. Assets exempt from certain taxes.
70.795. (Transferred 2003; now 105.679)
70.800. Cities, towns and villages of 400 or more located in St. Louis
County to provide 24-hour police protection--may contract for such
70.815. Political subdivisions and boards of police commissioners of St. Louis
and Kansas City may contract to provide police services for other
political subdivisions--powers of arrest and immunity--definitions.
70.820. Authority of peace officers to respond to emergencies outside
jurisdiction--definitions--authority of certain peace
officers--authority of federal law enforcement officers.
70.835. Formation of major case squads authorized.
70.837. Emergencies--public safety agencies may provide aid to other public
safety agencies in state and bordering states.
70.840. Citation of law.
70.843. State and local government convention sports facility meeting and
tourism program established, purpose--participating counties and
70.846. Qualifying projects--limitations.
70.849. Security guaranteeing payments of any bonds or indebtedness to fund
project required for qualifying project.
70.851. Contracts, leases or subleases to provide rent or fees subject to
annual appropriation, amount--proportionate share paid by state,
limitation--state's share to increase, when--rent or fees insufficient
to discharge obligations, procedure--contracts or leases, how
70.853. New net public fiscal benefit, how determined--duties of office of
administration--state auditor to conduct annual audit, reports made
to whom.
70.856. Separate trust funds established for participating counties and
cities--credit to funds, share of taxes collected, amount--credit
to begin when--adjustment to credits, when--disbursement, how
made--unappropriated balance in funds at end of fiscal year, how
credited--rents, fees or charges not to be a debt of state, city
or county and obligate tax levy.
70.858. Jurisdiction for disputes, circuit court of Cole County.
70.859. Definitions--percentage of contracts, construction and concessions to
be awarded to socially and economically disadvantaged small business
concerns--Missouri products to be given preference--out-of-state
contractors, bidding requirement.
70.875. Definitions.
70.877. Multijurisdictional antifraud enforcement group authorized,
purpose--powers exercised, when--powers of arrest, members of
MAEG unit.
70.878. Agreement entered into with county of another state, when.
70.880. State grants available to defray costs, eligibility.
70.890. Rogersville and Springfield to abide by agreement for annexation.

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