Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 78
Optional Forms, Third Class Cities

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August 28, 2013

78.010. Definitions.
78.020. Organization.
78.030. Election--petition for--how held--officers elected, when.
78.040. Officers--quorum--mayor to have no veto.
78.050. Salaries, how computed.
78.060. Powers of council--departments.
78.070. Mayor and councilmen to superintend departments--council to elect
city officers.
78.080. Election of mayor and councilmen.
78.090. Election, primary--held when--elimination of primary, when.
78.100. Candidate to file statement.
78.120. Form of ballot.
78.140. Who shall be candidates.
78.160. Council meetings.
78.170. Appropriations--power of council.
78.180. Itemized statement of receipts and expenses--accounts to be
examined, how.
78.190. Ordinances to be on file with city clerk for
inspection--franchises--extensions or renewal, to be voted on.
78.200. Ordinance by initiative--procedure.
78.210. Ballots--such ordinance may be repealed, how.
78.220. Proposed ordinance--effective, when--referendum.
78.230. Organization may be abandoned--charter may be resumed--procedure.
78.240. Contents of petition.
78.250. Council may create and discontinue offices--may change compensation.
78.260. Officer may be removed--procedure.
78.270. Clerk to ascertain sufficiency of petition--council to order
78.280. Election--form of ballot.
78.290. Incumbent may be candidate.
78.300. Qualifications of officers and employees--unlawful promises--statement
of campaign expenses.
78.310. Civil service commissioners--appointment.
78.320. Tenure--qualifications.
78.330. Removal--council to supply necessary equipment.
78.340. Oath.
78.350. Examination of applicants.
78.360. Removal from office.
78.370. General powers and duties.
78.380. Provisions to apply to whom.
78.390. Penalties.
78.400. Laws applicable--territorial limits not to change.
78.430. Third class city may adopt city manager form of government--procedure.
78.440. Laws shall apply, when--limits of city to remain same.
78.450. City may abandon plan--procedure--election--form of ballot.
78.460. Council to consist of five members--term--vacancies, how filled.
78.470. Candidates may be nominated by primary election, exception.
78.480. Statement of candidacy if running in primary election, exception.
78.510. Primary shall not be required, when.
78.520. General election--official ballot for use following a primary
78.530. City elections, alternative procedure eliminating primary elections.
78.540. Conduct of election--council to establish voting precincts.
78.560. Organization of city council.
78.570. Powers of council--city manager.
78.573. Ordinances by initiative and referendum,
procedure--exceptions--petition protesting an ordinance,
procedure for repeal.
78.575. Form for submission of the question--repeal or amendment of
ordinances adopted by initiative and referendum.
78.580. Quorum to do business.
78.590. Meetings of the council--salary determined by city council.
78.600. Officials--appointment.
78.610. City manager--duties.
78.620. Manager shall file itemized statements.
78.630. Franchise, lease, rights, privileges, also extensions and renewals,
how granted--approval by voters--procedure.
78.700. Optional city manager form of government--procedure to adopt,
election, ballot form.
78.703. City may abandon plan, when--procedure, election, ballot form.
78.706. City to be divided into five wards, procedure.
78.712. Council to consist of seven members, qualifications--term,
vacancies, how filled--quorum.
78.720. Other applicable procedures for optional plan--councilmen, nomination
and election--eligible voters--statement of candidacy,
contents--ballot form.

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