Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 100
Industrial Development

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August 28, 2013

100.010. Definitions.
100.020. Municipality may carry out industrial development projects.
100.030. Acceptance of federal grants or gifts.
100.040. Plans for industrial development to be made.
100.050. Approval of plan by governing body of municipality--information
required--additional information required, when--payments in lieu
of taxes, applied how.
100.059. Notice of proposed project for industrial development, when,
contents--limitation on indebtedness, inclusions--applicability,
100.090. General obligation bonds authorized.
100.100. Revenue bonds authorized, how paid.
100.105. Municipality to file annual report on bond issuances with
department, content.
100.120. Time for election--subsequent elections.
100.130. Municipality to fix terms and form of revenue bonds.
100.140. Sinking fund for revenue bonds.
100.150. Revenue bonds payable from revenues only--statement on bond.
100.155. Revenue bonds, municipalities, refunding issue authorized--form
and terms.
100.160. Municipality to carry out plan on receipt of funds.
100.170. Construction to be under contract--how let, notice.
100.180. Municipality's power to enter into loans, sales, leases or
100.190. Property acquired may be sold.
100.200. Sales of industrial development property acquired with
revenue bonds.
100.250. Title of act.
100.255. Definitions.
100.260. Funds established--administration, investment--no transfer to general
revenue, when--increase of certain revenue calculated and allocated
to Jobs Now fund.
100.263. Infrastructure development fund, created, purpose--lapse into general
revenue, prohibited.
100.265. Missouri development finance board created--members, qualifications,
appointment, terms--meetings--quorum--expenses.
100.270. Board's powers and duties--rules, authority to promulgate.
100.273. Development finance board employees are state employees eligible for
state retirement--not eligible for state health insurance plan
unless requested by board--no purchase of creditable service,
100.275. Bonds and notes issued--approved as investment, who may invest--tax
exemptions, exceptions--power to contract with development agency.
100.277. Employment and business opportunities required to be provided,
to whom.
100.281. Project plan, approval procedure--board to review and grant loan,
when--borrowing power--sale of bonds.
100.282. Limitations on approval of loans.
100.286. Loans secured by certain funds--standards--information
required--review and certification by participating lender--board
approval--fee, tax credit, limitation.
100.287. Default procedure--subrogation to rights of lender upon payment
from fund, amount.
100.291. Guarantees issued by board, when--application, fee--information
100.292. Guarantee agreement provisions.
100.293. Citation--jobs now recommendation committee created, membership,
duties--applications--preference given to certain
projects--requests granted, determinations required.
100.296. Application of provisions of other sections--state and local records
laws--meetings of governmental bodies--conflict of interest or
lobbying--prohibited loans--notifications of certain campaign
100.297. Tax credit for owner of revenue bonds or notes, purpose, when, amount,
100.300. Short title.
100.310. Definitions.
100.320. Planned industrial expansion authority created, powers exercised,
100.330. Commissioners, number reduced, appointment, term, vacancies.
100.331. Commissioners, number reduced, appointment, terms, qualifications,
vacancies--consolidation plan authorized (St. Louis City).
100.340. Commission, quorum, officers, legal services, how obtained.
100.350. Commissioner, expenses--certificate of appointment.
100.360. Commissioner, removal for cause, hearing.
100.370. Commissioners or employees of authority, voluntary interest in project
prohibited--disclosure of involuntary interest required and
participation in action of authority forbidden--violation is
misconduct, office forfeited.
100.380. Adoption of resolution or ordinance, effect of--certified copy
admissible as evidence.
100.390. Authority to be a body corporate and politic, powers and duties
of authority.
100.400. Preparation and approval of plans, regulations governing.
100.410. Property in a project, how disposed of.
100.420. Authority may exercise power of eminent domain.
100.430. Bonds, issuance by authority.
100.440. Bonds, how issued, authorized and sold.
100.445. Allowable rates of interest.
100.450. Bonds, no personal liability on, not a debt of issuing subdivision
or state--interest on bonds exempt from income tax.
100.460. Signatures on bonds, validity of--bonds negotiable--conclusive
presumption that bond was issued for stated purpose.
100.470. Payment of bonds secured, how.
100.480. Powers of obligee granted by authority.
100.490. Obligee, rights of, exception.
100.500. Bonds or other obligations legal investments for enumerated
purposes, when.
100.510. Contracts with federal government, provisions for conveyance of
project and land to federal government--authorized, reconveyance
100.520. Execution or judicial process, property and funds of authority
exempt from, exceptions.
100.530. Public bodies may assist a project, how.
100.540. Sales by public body to authority, how made.
100.550. Cities may levy taxes or sell bonds to finance grants to an
100.560. Two or more authorities may cooperate in a project.
100.570. Ad valorem tax benefits available, when.
100.580. Annual report of authority, contents--satisfactory progress of
projects, procedure to determine.
100.590. Authority may assume projects of constitutional charter cities,
100.600. Any municipality authorized to prepare a master plan for physical
development of community.
100.610. Law to be liberally construed.
100.620. Powers conferred in this law to be supplemental to existing
100.700. Title.
100.710. Definitions.
100.720. Additional powers of Missouri development finance board--certificates,
state credit for.
100.730. Establishment of procedures to determine eligible
industries--authority to request information.
100.740. Financing agreement, authority to enter into.
100.750. Financing agreement, contents.
100.760. Credit agreement, conditions.
100.770. Factors considered in awarding credit.
100.780. Board authority to determine projects, assessments, credits and
refunds, credit and assessment time limit.
100.790. Agreement contents.
100.800. Noncompliance by eligible industry, determination, penalty.
100.810. Evaluation of program.
100.820. Program costs, how paid, assessments.
100.830. Special fund, purposes--certification by employer.
100.840. Board, powers to borrow money--issue and sell certificates--sale or
exchange of refunding certificates--certificates not indebtedness
of state.
100.850. Assessments remittal, job development assessment fee--company records
available to board, when--when remitted assessment ceases--tax
credit amount, cap, claiming credit--refunds.

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