Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 110
Depositaries for Public Funds

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August 28, 2013

110.010. Deposits of public funds to be secured.
110.020. Securities deposited, amount of.
110.030. Advertisement for bids unnecessary, when.
110.040. Depositary outside of territorial limits legal, when.
110.050. Liability of depositaries.
110.060. Banks to provide security for certain deposits, when.
110.070. Bids for depositaries--publication of notice.
110.080. Bids for depositaries--guarantee--disclosure of bids a misdemeanor.
110.090. Selection of depositary--computation of interest--rejected bids.
110.110. Duty of treasurer.
110.130. Depositaries of county funds--how selected.
110.140. Procedure for bidders--disclosure of bids a misdemeanor.
110.150. Public opening of bids--computation and payment of interest--rejected
110.170. Transferring funds to depositary--liability of collector-treasurer and
depositary--duties of township trustees.
110.180. Duty of county commission when no bids submitted.
110.190. Duty of county commission when funds are deposited with two or
more banks.
110.200. County commission may readvertise and relet.
110.210. Failure to select depositary.
110.230. Duplicate monthly statements by depositaries.
110.240. Warrants--checks.
110.250. Depositary to provide additional security, when.
110.260. County treasurer exempt from liability, when.
110.270. Counties may place money not needed for current operations outright
or by repurchase agreement, requirement.

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