Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 135
Tax Relief

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August 28, 2013

135.010. Definitions.
135.015. Time for filing and other procedural matters, how governed.
135.020. Credits, how applied, considered overpayment, when.
135.025. Accrued taxes and rent constituting taxes to be totaled--maximum
amount allowable--allocation regulations, when.
135.030. Formula for determining credits--table to be prepared by director of
revenue--taxpayer not applying for credit to be notified of
135.035. Claims for calendar year 1975 and later affected.
135.090. Income tax credit for surviving spouses of public safety
officers--sunset provision.
135.095. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
135.096. Long-term care insurance tax deduction, amount.
135.100. Definitions.
135.110. Tax credit for new or expanded business facility--computation--maximum
years and amount allowed--no credit allowed a public utility and
certain businesses--definitions.
135.115. Vesting of tax credits, when--waiver, applicable when.
135.120. Deferment of tax credit--election--notice.
135.130. Transfer of business facility, all or part--apportionment of tax
credit--estate of taxpayer entitled to credit and distributee of
estate also entitled to credit.
135.140. Termination and resumption of operation of business--consent of
director required for claim of credit.
135.150. Rules, promulgation duties--certification of applications for tax
credit--application requesting credit granted when--denial, protest
procedure--review by administrative hearing commission authorized.
135.155. Prohibition on certain enterprises receiving certain
incentives--expansion deemed new business facility--certain
properties considered one facility, when.
135.200. Definitions.
135.204. Contingent effective date for certain sections.
135.205. Requirements to qualify as enterprise zone.
135.206. Counties, certain third class counties to have one enterprise zone
designated, requirements.
135.207. Satellite zones may be established in certain cities or villages,
135.208. Additional enterprise zones to be designated, certain third class
counties, Independence, Camden County, Randolph County, Ste. Genevieve
County, Jefferson County, the city of Ava, the city of Portageville,
the city of Lamar, requirements.
135.209. Satellite enterprise zone may be established, city of Independence.
135.210. Designation as enterprise zone, procedure--maximum number,
exceptions--report required from all zones--cancellation of zone,
135.212. Additional enterprise zones to be designated--certain zones not to
expire before certain date (Linn, Macon counties).
135.215. Real property improvements exemption from assessment and ad valorem
taxes--procedure--maximum period granted--abatement or exemption
ceases, when.
135.220. Income earned by business, revenue producing enterprise, in zone,
residential units, exemption, how computed.
135.225. Tax credit for new or expanded business facility,
requirements--definitions--apportionment of credits--period for
which tax credit granted--election to forfeit and claim tax
credit under section 135.110--vesting of credits and exemptions,
when--waiver of credits and exemptions, when.
135.230. Tax credits and exemptions, maximum period granted--calculation
formula--employee requirements, waived or reduced, when--motor
carrier, tax credits, conditions--expansion of boundaries of
enterprise zone--petition for additional period, qualifications.
135.235. Tax credit for expense of training employees--small corporations and
135.240. Employees for which employer may claim training credit.
135.245. Income tax refund limited to taxpayer establishing new facility in
enterprise zone--refund if tax credits earned exceed tax liability,
when, limitations.
135.247. Federal empowerment, enterprise community deemed state enterprise
zone--credits, exemption, refund--retail businesses eligible for
135.250. Rules authorized, procedure.
135.255. Displaced enterprise zone resident assistance, when, limitations.
135.256. Enterprise zone to be established in certain cities (Rolla).
135.257. Enterprise zone to be established in city not within a county
(St. Louis).
135.258. Letter of intent required, when.
135.259. Enterprise zone designated for a certain county (Wright County)
135.260. Enterprise zone designated for a certain city (Carl Junction)
135.262. Any area meeting enterprise zone requirements shall be designated
as such.
135.270. Strategic initiative investment income tax refund, automobile
manufacturers or assemblers.
135.276. Definitions.
135.277. Taxable income of retained business facility exempt from income
taxation, amount.
135.279. Tax credit, amount (Hazelwood Ford Plant)--calculation and
limitations on credit.
135.281. Application for income tax refund (Hazelwood Ford Plant)--approval
135.283. Program application--approval by department--executed agreement
required, contents.
135.284. Contingent expiration of certain sections.
135.286. Revenue-producing enterprises not eligible for certain tax
benefits--time period of exemptions.
135.300. Definitions.
135.305. Eligibility--amount of tax credit.
135.307. Credit exceeding tax, not refunded, effect.
135.309. Assignment of credit, procedure.
135.311. Application, content, filed where.
135.313. Credit for charcoal producers.
135.325. Title.
135.326. Definitions.
135.327. Special needs child adoption tax credit--nonrecurring adoption
expenses, amount--individual and business entities tax credit,
amount, time for filing application--assignment of tax credit,
135.329. Credit not allowed, when.
135.331. Adopted child eighteen years of age or older, credit not
135.333. Credit exceeding tax due or applied for, not refunded--may be carried
forward, time limit--effect of assignment, transfer or sale of
tax credit.
135.335. Credit reduced, amount, when.
135.337. Credit not to be considered for adoption subsidy.
135.339. Rules authorized, procedure.
135.341. Definitions--tax credit authorized, amount--application
procedure--assignment--rulemaking authority--sunset provision.
135.348. (Repealed L. 2008 H.B. 2058 A)
135.350. Definitions.
135.352. Taxpayer owning interest in qualified project shall be allowed a state
tax credit, how determined, cap--carry-back and carry-forward of
credit authorized--rules promulgation and procedure.
135.355. Eligibility statement must be filed with tax return, failure to
comply, effect--federal requirement to recapture, state requires to
recapture, amount.
135.357. Capital gain exclusion, when.
135.359. Rules authorized, procedure.
135.361. Rules, effective, when--rules invalid and void, when.
135.362. Eligibility statement, low-income housing credit, not applicable,
135.363. Sale, assignment, transfer of tax credits allowed, when--statement
required, submission to director--rules.
135.400. Definitions.
135.401. Community development fund, creation, administration by development
of economic development, expenditures.
135.403. Tax credit for qualified investment in Missouri small businesses and
qualified investors in community banks or community development
corporations--credit evidenced by certificate, limitation of
amount of investment eligible for tax credit.
135.405. Total tax credit minimum--maximum--not to limit other investments.
135.408. Qualified investment in a small business, requirements--to be
eligible for tax credit--required purposes for investments.
135.411. Investment to remain in business for five years--failure to
comply, repayment of tax credit.
135.414. Requirements for business to be eligible for tax credit
investments--ineligible persons or entities.
135.416. Investment percentage required to be spent in Missouri.
135.420. Director of department of economic development, duties, certificate of
tax credit--procedure to request.
135.423. Revocation of tax credit, grounds for--procedures.
135.426. Unused balance of tax credit--director to issue a new certificate for
unused balance.
135.429. Penalties and procedural matters how determined.
135.430. Department of social services, rulemaking authority.
135.431. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
135.432. Rulemaking authority, procedure.
135.433. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
135.460. Citation of law--tax credit, amount, claim, limitation--allowable
programs--report--apportionment of credits--rulemaking authority.
135.475. Rebuilding communities and neighborhood preservation act cited.
135.478. Definitions.
135.481. Taxpayers incurring eligible costs entitled to tax credit, amount,
135.484. Limitation on available tax credits, allocation of available credits.
135.487. Procedure for application for tax credit--department of economic
development may cooperate with political subdivisions to determine
eligibility--department to conduct annual program evaluation.
135.490. Eligible small business to receive tax credit for efforts to comply
with Americans With Disabilities Act, amount--joint administration of
tax credit.
135.500. Title of law--definitions.
135.503. Amount of credit, how calculated, reduction--insurance companies
not required to pay retaliatory tax, when--carry forward--limitation
on amounts of certified capital, allocation of certified
capital--notification of limitation.
135.505. Funding period.
135.508. Certification of profit or not-for-profit entities--limitation on
insurance companies, management or direction of certified capital
company--seventy-five days to issue or refuse
certification--responsibility for administration of tax
credits--rulemaking authority.
135.516. Schedule of qualified investments--qualified distributions, when,
requirements--qualified investment cost limit--company documents as
closed records, when--company report to department of economic
135.517. Qualified investments, requirements.
135.520. Annual review by division of finance, report of
findings--decertification, grounds, notice of
noncompliance--notice of decertification, decertification.
135.523. Certification revocation, application misrepresentations.
135.526. Registration of investments.
135.529. Sale or transfer of credit--rulemaking authority--administrative
135.530. Distressed community defined.
135.535. Tax credit for relocating a business to a distressed community,
approval by department of economic development,
application--employees eligible to receive credit--credit for
expenditures on equipment--transfer of certificate of
credit--maximum amount allowed, credit carried
over--limitations--tax credit for existing business in a
distressed community which hires new employees, conditions and
types of businesses eligible.
135.545. Tax credit for investing in the transportation development of a
distressed community--approval of investment by economic
development, credit carried forward, transfer of certificate of
credit, maximum amount allowed.
135.546. Tax credits for investing in the transportation development of a
distressed community prohibited, when.
135.550. Definitions--tax credit, amount--limitations--director of social
services determinations, classification of shelters--effective
135.562. Principal dwellings, tax credit for renovations for disability access.
135.575. Definitions--tax credit, amount--limitations--director of revenue,
rules--sunset provision.
135.600. Definitions--tax credit, amount--limitations--director of social
services determinations, classification of maternity
homes--effective date.
135.630. Tax credit for contributions to pregnancy resource centers,
definitions--amount--limitations--determination of qualifying
centers--cumulative amount of credits--apportionment procedure,
reapportionment of credits--identity of contributors provided to
director, confidentiality--sunset provision.
135.647. Donated food tax credit--definitions--amount--procedure to claim the
credit--rulemaking authority--sunset provision.
135.679. Citation--definitions--tax credit, amount, claim procedure--rulemaking
135.680. Definitions--tax credit, amount--recapture, when--rulemaking
authority--reauthorization procedure--sunset provision.
135.682. Letter rulings to be issued, procedure--letter rulings closed records.
135.700. Tax credit for grape and wine producers.
135.710. Tax credit authorized, procedure--director of revenue
duties--rulemaking authority--sunset provision.
135.750. Tax credit for qualified film production
projects--definitions--application--cap--transfer of
credits--sunset provision.
135.766. Tax credit for guaranty fee paid by small businesses, when.
135.800. Citation--definitions.
135.802. Information required to be submitted with tax credit
applications--certain information required for specific tax
credits--rulemaking authority--requirements to apply to certain
recipients, when--duties of agencies.
135.803. Ineligibility based on conflict of interest, when.
135.805. Certain information to be submitted annually, who, time period--due
date of reporting requirements--requirements to apply to certain
recipients, when--applicant in compliance, when, written
notification, when, records available for review--effective
date--names of recipients to be made public.
135.810. Failure to report, penalties--notice required, when, taxpayer
liable for penalties, when--change of address notification
required--rulemaking authority.
135.815. Verification of applicant's tax payment status, when, effect of
delinquency--employment of unauthorized aliens, effect of.
135.825. Tracking system for tax credits required--exception--rulemaking
135.830. Tax credit accountability act of 2004 to be in addition to existing
tax laws.
135.900. Definitions.
135.903. Rural empowerment zone criteria--application, zone created,
135.906. Taxable income of certain entities exempt, when.
135.909. Expiration date.
135.950. Definitions.
135.953. Enhanced enterprise zone criteria--zone may be established in certain
areas--additional criteria.
135.957. Enhanced enterprise zone board required, members--terms--board
actions--chair--role of board.
135.960. Public hearing required--ordinance requirements--expiration
date--annual report.
135.963. Improvements exempt, when--authorizing resolution, contents--public
hearing required, notice--certain property exempt from ad valorem
taxes, duration--time period--property affected--assessor's
135.967. Tax credit allowed, duration--prohibition on receiving other tax
credits--limitations on issuance of tax credits--cap--eligibility
of certain expansions--employee calculations--computation of
credit--flow-through tax treatments--credits may be claimed,
when--certificates--refunds--verification procedures.
135.968. Megaprojects, tax credit authorized, eligibility--department
duties--binding contract required, when--issuance of credits,
135.970. Rulemaking authority.
135.973. Eligibility of existing enterprise zones.
135.1150. Citation of law--definitions--tax credit, amount--claim
application--limitation--transferability of credit--rulemaking
authority--expiration and termination dates.
135.1180. Citation of law--definitions--tax credit, amount,
procedure--rulemaking authority--sunset provision.

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