Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 160
Schools--General Provisions

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August 28, 2013

160.011. Definitions, certain chapters.
160.021. Classes of school districts.
160.031. School districts formed of cities or towns, defined.
160.041. Minimum school day, school month, school year, defined--reduction of
required number of hours and days, when.
160.045. Standards for teaching required.
160.051. Public school system established--child attains age five, when--board
shall provide free instruction for children between ages of five
and six years--literacy programs--summer school for
160.053. Child eligible for kindergarten and summer school, when--child
eligible for first grade, when--state aid exception.
160.054. Metropolitan districts--child eligible for kindergarten and summer
school, when, how determined--child eligible for first grade, when,
how determined--exceptions.
160.055. Urban districts--child eligible for kindergarten and summer school,
when, how determined--child eligible for first grade, when, how
160.061. Records transferred from county superintendent of schools--duties.
160.065. School information furnished by charter, private or parochial schools,
limited liability.
160.069. Policy on consequences of possession or drinking alcohol at
school or during extracurricular activities.
160.075. American Sign Language courses, treatment as a foreign language, when.
160.250. Citation of law--statutes involved.
160.251. Purpose.
160.254. General assembly joint committee on education created--appointment,
meetings, chairman, quorum, duties, expenses.
160.257. Pupil testing for competency in certain subjects--each school district
to establish--department of elementary and secondary education,
duties, limitations.
160.261. Discipline, written policy established by local boards of
education--contents--reporting requirements--additional
restrictions for certain suspensions--weapons offense, mandatory
suspension or expulsion--no civil liability for authorized
personnel--spanking not child abuse, when--investigation
procedure--officials falsifying reports, penalty.
160.262. Mediation, office of the child advocate to coordinate,
when--procedures--binding agreement, when.
160.263. Confinement of a student prohibited, when--policy on restrictive
behavioral interventions required--model policy to be developed.
160.264. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 287 A)
160.268. Excellence in education revolving fund established--purposes--funding,
administration of fund--exempt from transfer to general revenue.
160.272. Rules and regulations, promulgation.
160.276. Scholarships for qualified students pursuing teacher education
degree--amount--colleges and universities participating to
provide matching fund.
160.278. Scholarships, how awarded--students applying to indicate preferences.
160.281. Loan paid back with interest if student fails to obtain degree--loans
may be sold.
160.283. Teaching five years pays off amount received--failure to teach
treated as loan for unpaid amount.
160.300. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.302. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.304. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.306. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.308. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.310. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.312. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.314. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.316. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.318. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.320. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.322. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.324. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.326. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.328. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.350. Missouri award of recognition for student athletes, how chosen,
160.360. Operation recognition, honorary high school diplomas awarded to
certain veterans and civilian POWs, when.
160.375. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
160.400. Charter schools, defined, St. Louis City and Kansas City school
districts--sponsors--use of public school buildings--organization
of charter schools--affiliations with college or
university--criminal background check required.
160.403. Sponsoring a charter school, annual application and approval, contents
of application, approval requirements.
160.405. Proposed charter, how submitted, requirements, submission to state
board, powers and duties--approval, revocation,
termination--definitions--lease of public school facilities,
when--unlawful reprisal, defined, prohibited.
160.410. Admission, preferences for admission permitted, when--study of
performance to be commissioned by department, costs, contents,
results to be made public--move out of school district, effect
160.415. Distribution of state school aid for charter schools--powers and
duties of governing body of charter schools.
160.417. Financial stress, review of report information by charter school
sponsor, when--criteria for financial stress.
160.420. Employment provisions--school district personnel may accept charter
school position and remain district employees,
effect--noncertificated instructional personnel, employment,
160.425. Missouri charter public school commission created, members,
160.451. Earthquake emergency system to be established for certain school
160.453. Requirements for emergency system--public inspection of system
160.455. Distribution to each student certain materials on earthquake
safety--duties of school district.
160.457. School districts may elect to adopt certain provisions of earthquake
emergency program.
160.459. Program established--definitions--funding for schools,
eligibility--procedures established--rulemaking authority--fund
created--sunset provision.
160.480. Emergency preparedness plans--school boards may adopt, use of
facilities and resources--review by the board, when.
160.500. Citation of law--outstanding schools trust fund--commissioner of
administration, estimates--state treasurer, duties, transfer of funds.
160.510. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
160.514. Academic performance standards, adoption by state board,
standards--procedure for adoption--development of written
curriculum frameworks--adoption of written curriculum by boards
of education.
160.518. Statewide assessment system, standards, restriction--exemplary levels,
outstanding school waivers--summary waiver of pupil testing
requirements--waiver void, when--scores not counted,
when--alternative assessments for special education
students--adjustments administered, when--waivers of resources
and process standards, when.
160.522. School accountability report card for each school district,
purpose--standard form, contents--distribution of report card
160.526. Development of academic standards and assessment system,
criteria--assistance of experts--notification of implementation
of system, legislative veto--professional advice and counsel.
160.530. Eligibility for state aid, allocation of funds to professional
development committee--statewide areas of critical need,
funds--success leads to success grant program created,
purpose--listing of expenditures.
160.531. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 287 A)
160.534. Excursion gambling boat proceeds, transfer to certain education funds.
160.538. (Repealed L. 2004 S.B. 1080 A)
160.539. School flex program established--eligible students,
requirements--annual report.
160.540. Suspension or termination of contracts of certificated staff and
administrators in academically deficient schools, when,
procedure--incentive program for successful teachers.
160.542. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
160.545. A+ school program established--purpose--rules--variable fund match
requirement--waiver of rules and regulations,
requirement--reimbursement for higher education costs for
students--evaluation--reimbursement for two-year schools.
160.550. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 287 A)
160.570. Statewide assessments, policy on student participation, effect on
graduation requirements.
160.575. Ready to work endorsement program required--elements--development of
160.660. School safety provisions--rules.
160.675. Retro reflective sheeting for school warning signs, grants issued by
department to local governments, procedure--rulemaking authority.
160.700. National Guard pilot instruction
160.720. Priority schools identified, criteria--comprehensive school
improvement plan required, contents--educational audits,
requirements--evaluation of plan, time lines--withholding of
funds, when--rules.
160.730. (Repealed L. 2009 S.B. 291 A)
160.775. Antibullying policy required--definition--requirements.
160.800. Governor may name council--public hearing required.
160.805. Articles of incorporation and bylaws--members, terms, staff--annual
160.810. Powers and duties.
160.815. Debts not debt of the state.
160.820. Departments may contract with corporation for activities.
160.900. Participation--lead agency designation--rulemaking authority.
160.905. State interagency coordinating council established, members, meetings,
160.910. Lead agency to maintain Part C early intervention system--compilation
of data--monitoring of expenditures--bidding process to be
established--centralized system of enrollment.
160.915. Regional office proposals, contents.
160.920. Funding limitations--third-party payers--schedule of fees for family
cost participation--collection of fees.
160.925. Fund created, use of moneys--transfer of moneys.
160.930. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 112 A)
160.932. Pilot program for a part-time child-find coordinator (St. Louis).
160.933. Program fund created, use of moneys--rulemaking authority.
160.950. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
160.1990. Criteria to facilitate transition of foster
children--definitions--receiving school duties--on-time
graduation procedures.
160.2000. Text of compact.
160.2100. Citation of law--task force created, members, duties, expiration
160.2110. Adoption and implementation of policy, content.

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