Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 162
School Districts

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August 28, 2013

162.011. School boards may associate and appoint a member to attend
meetings--may pay dues and attendance expenses.
162.013. School boards may expend district funds to provide accident and
property damage insurance for members, when.
162.014. Registered sex offenders prohibited from being school board
162.031. Division or addition to district--apportionment of property and
162.032. Annexation or dissolution of school district, health care
coverage continuation responsibility of successor district.
162.041. Arbitration of disagreement as to apportionment--arbitrator's
compensation--effect of award.
162.051. Special board meetings, how called--notice.
162.063. School districts may provide hospital and medical coverage for
students, when.
162.064. Bus drivers, medical endorsement required, when.
162.065. Bus driver training required.
162.068. Former employees, information provided by school district, written
policy required--suspension of employee under
investigation--immunity from liability, when, exception.
162.069. Employee-student communications, written policy required--training
materials, required content.
162.071. Annexation of district to adjoining district, when--state board of
education, duties.
162.073. Definitions.
162.081. Failure to provide minimum school term, effect of--unaccredited
schools, hearing required, board of education options--special
administrative board, duration of authority.
162.083. Special administrative board, additional members authorized--term of
office--return to local governance, when.
162.085. Lapse of district upon withdrawal of provisional accreditation.
162.091. Neglect or refusal to comply with school laws by public official a
misdemeanor, penalty.
162.152. Section of district reorganization created--duties.
162.171. Reorganization plans may be proposed.
162.181. Reorganization, procedure.
162.191. Election in proposed district.
162.201. Certification of election results.
162.202. Consolidation of two or more school districts, tax rate ceiling how
162.203. Orientation and training requirements for board members initially
elected or appointed.
162.204. Permanent records, digital or electronic format permitted.
162.208. Internet websites, required postings.
162.211. Seven-director district, who may establish.
162.212. Six-director school district to be known as seven-director school
162.215. School officers may be commissioned to enforce certain criminal laws.
162.221. Seven-director district, procedure to organize.
162.223. Consolidation of seven-director districts--petition by voters or call
for election by two or more boards of education--ballot
form--procedure--new district declared, when--commissioner's
powers--board members, how determined.
162.231. Failure to approve proposed district--effect.
162.241. Election of directors in newly formed district--costs of election,
how paid.
162.251. New district, officers, elected, when--funds, how
transferred--obligations assumed.
162.261. Seven-director district, board of, terms--vacancies--prohibition
on hiring spouse of board member, when--constitutional prohibition
on nepotism applies to districts.
162.281. Candidate to declare for term of specific number of years, when.
162.291. Directors--election--qualifications.
162.301. Organization of board--quorum--officers.
162.303. Failure of member to attend board meetings, effect--attendance,
defined--vacancies, how filled.
162.311. Name of district adopted, when--seal required.
162.321. Change of district name--effect.
162.341. Annual election, when held.
162.351. Election commissioners to conduct elections in certain districts.
162.371. Secretary to issue certificates.
162.381. Conduct of special elections.
162.391. Employment of board members prohibited--secretary and treasurer,
compensated, when.
162.401. Treasurer's bond.
162.411. Board may employ attorney.
162.423. Extension of city limits does not affect district boundaries--section
effective when.
162.431. Boundary change--procedure--arbitration--compensation of
arbitrators--resubmission of changes restricted.
162.441. Annexation--procedure--form of ballot.
162.451. Dissolution of district.
162.459. Boards of all seven-director and urban school districts to have seven
members with the exception of Kansas City--directors, how
162.461. Corporate powers of urban districts.
162.471. Board of directors--qualifications, terms, vacancies.
162.481. Elections in urban districts--terms of
directors--exceptions--elections in St. Charles County.
162.491. Directors may be nominated by petition, when--contents of petition,
certain districts.
162.492. Director districts, candidates from subdistricts and at
large--terms--vacancy, how filled (urban districts).
162.501. Secretary to issue certificates of election.
162.511. Duties, restrictions and liabilities of the board--quorum--seal.
162.521. Selection of officers of the board--terms--removal.
162.531. Duties of the secretary--bond.
162.541. Bond of treasurer.
162.551. Compensation of treasurer and secretary.
162.553. Urban school district may form ad hoc committee on dropout
162.571. Corporate powers of metropolitan district--board of education,
162.581. Qualifications of board members--oath--exemption from service as
election officers.
162.591. Organization of board--board to appoint acting superintendent,
162.601. Election of board members, terms--members appointed due to vacancies,
162.603. Nominations--procedure.
162.611. Failure to attend board meetings, effect--vacancies, how filled.
162.621. Powers and duties of board of education--special administrative board.
162.626. Multiyear teacher-student grouping pilot program--class sizes, program
goals--policies of school board may be reviewed by state board of
162.631. Jurisdiction of circuit court over board--how exercised.
162.641. Treasurer, duties--bond.
162.651. Testimony taken in board's investigations to be under oath.
162.661. Annual report of the board.
162.666. St. Louis students' bill of rights.
162.670. Statement of policy.
162.675. Definitions.
162.680. Disabled children to be educated with others whenever possible.
162.685. Hearings by state board on adoption of standards and regulations.
162.690. Advisory committees authorized--how appointed.
162.695. (Repealed L. 2005 H.B. 258 A)
162.700. Special educational services, required, when--diagnostic reports, how
obtained--evaluations of private school students with
disabilities--special services, ages three and four--remedial
reading program, how funded.
162.705. Contracts with other districts for special educational
services--costs, how paid--district must provide services, when.
162.710. Transportation, how provided.
162.715. Special training for special educational programs--professional
personnel required to obtain state aid.
162.720. Gifted children, district may establish programs for--state board
to approve.
162.725. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 287 A)
162.730. State board to establish schools for severely disabled--special
services for deaf--who shall provide--rules, procedure.
162.735. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 287 A)
162.740. District of residence to pay toward cost, when--amount, how
162.745. Amount due from school district, notification of--payment,
when--failure to pay, effect of.
162.750. Special district may contract for special educational services
for severely handicapped children.
162.755. Transportation to be provided children, sheltered workshop employees,
social centers and residents of facilities for certain disabled
persons, also certain state schools.
162.756. Transportation by common carriers for students of schools for
the blind and deaf.
162.760. Additional personnel of state board, appointment of.
162.765. Superintendents and personnel of state schools for the deaf and
blind, appointments, how made--compensation, how set and paid.
162.770. Reports by superintendents of state schools for deaf and blind
required, when.
162.775. Eye examinations for pupils at state school for blind
required--medical treatment provided, when.
162.780. Care and control of property of state schools for severely disabled in
state board of education.
162.785. State board authorized to acquire property and to receive and
administer grants.
162.790. Donated funds, how handled--special funds created--annual report
on all money in trust funds required.
162.792. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 287 A)
162.795. Boards of advisors, terms, appointment, duties, meetings.
162.800. Board of advisors--compensation and expenses of members.
162.805. State and area advisory committees, how appointed--tenure.
162.810. Employees not to have interest in sales to schools, penalty.
162.815. Voters may create special district to educate severely handicapped
and to provide vocational training to residents of district.
162.820. Preexisting special districts covered by sections 162.670 to 162.995.
162.821. District secretary, duties of--report, contents of.
162.825. Special district, procedure to establish.
162.830. Special district may include one or more school districts.
162.835. State board to review petition, when--plan for election districts
within a special district required, when--submission to voters,
162.840. Form of ballot.
162.841. Records to be kept--changes to be reported.
162.845. Organization election results, how determined--election of
directors, when.
162.855. Board of education of a special school district, duties and
162.856. Governing council of special school districts with population of more
than 100,000--members--powers and duties.
162.857. Board of education of special school district with population of more
than 100,000--members--powers and duties.
162.858. Public review committee and parental advisory committee of special
school district with population of more than 100,000--appointment of
members--powers and duties.
162.859. Board members to file financial interest statements.
162.860. Candidates for board, qualifications--filing for office, where.
162.865. Election at large--terms of office.
162.867. Candidate for board--qualifications--election
process--terms--redistricting committee.
162.870. Results, how certified.
162.875. District a body corporate and a political subdivision--powers granted.
162.880. Establishment of schools, when.
162.885. Determination of eligibility of child, how made.
162.890. Special district to assume full responsibility for handicapped or
severely handicapped children--exception, transition period.
162.895. Vocational training to be provided.
162.900. Transportation of students required--state transportation aid
162.905. Cooperative activities authorized.
162.910. Election of board members--term--declarations of.
162.915. Acquisition of property--condemnation powers--sites, how selected.
162.920. Tax rate--how increased.
162.925. Property subject to tax--special district taxes not to be used in
determining average school levy.
162.930. Approval for state aid, how obtained.
162.935. State aid, how computed.
162.940. Tuition fees, how set--who shall pay.
162.945. Notice to parent or guardian of diagnosis--contents of notice.
162.946. Disability history and awareness instruction, school board may
require--October designated disability history and awareness
month--content and goals of instruction.
162.950. (Repealed L. 2006 S.B. 834 A)
162.955. Change in assignment, prohibited, when--child endangering self or
others, court order--placement of child during interim.
162.958. Law in effect at time of request to be utilized.
162.959. Mediation of dispute available, when--agreement to be in
writing--attorney not permitted, when.
162.961. Due process hearing before administrative hearing commission--written
decision--expedited hearing--forty-five day placement--hearing
requirements--preliminary meeting.
162.962. Decision subject to review, when, procedure.
162.963. Rights of parties--record of proceedings, how kept--costs, how paid.
162.974. Reimbursement for education costs of high-need children.
162.975. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 287 A)
162.990. (Repealed L. 2005 H.B. 258 A)
162.995. (Repealed L. 2005 H.B. 258 A)
162.996. Handicapped children attending private, parochial, parish or home
schools, districts may provide special educational services--state
aid, how calculated.
162.997. Surrogates appointed, when--state board of education,
162.998. Board of education to be notified of need of surrogate, when,
appointment, when.
162.999. Duties of surrogates, qualifications for appointment, evaluation by
board, successor surrogates appointed, when--rights of
surrogates--immunity from suits, exceptions--reimbursement for
expenses--legal assistance and independent evaluations, rules.
162.1000. Interagency council on transition created, definitions, members,
qualifications, chairperson how selected--meetings, powers and
duties--annual report, content.
162.1010. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
162.1040. Citation of law--not applicable to certain districts.
162.1042. Definitions.
162.1045. State board of education to develop guidelines for enrollment option
162.1047. Enrollment option plan standards for acceptance or
rejection--notice of rejection, content.
162.1049. Nonresident district and resident district to accept each other's
162.1052. Rejection of admission of a nonresident by nonresident district, when.
162.1055. School districts soliciting enrollment of a nonresident student,
prohibited--activities in schools to be determined by district.
162.1057. State aid, nonresident student enrolled in option district to be
counted as resident.
162.1059. Federal court ordering desegregation court order to govern enrollment
162.1060. Transfer corporation, board, powers and duties, funding--termination
of corporation, funds to lapse to general revenue--regional
attendance zones.
162.1061. Transfer corporations (metropolitan schools), computation of state
162.1100. Transitional school district, governing board, members, powers and
duties--taxation--school improvement plan, review by state board of
education--accountability officer, duties--dissolution of district,
162.1125. Kaitlyn's law--certain IDEA students may participate in graduation
ceremonies and related activities.
162.1130. Definitions.
162.1133. Blindness skills specialist available at each regional professional
development center, duties--task force established.
162.1136. Annual study conducted, educational status of eligible
students--report to the general assembly, contents.
162.1139. Joint referral service developed, rehabilitation services.
162.1142. Blindness skills specialist fund created.
162.1168. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
162.1180. Instructional services and programs, educational service agency
may be designated, organization, meetings.
162.1190. Multiple attendance centers for same grade level, board to have
policy for transfer of students.
162.1195. Fine arts, professional development education assistance.
162.1250. State funding for resident students enrolled in virtual
program--calculation of funding--standards for virtual courses.
162.1300. Additional students as result of boundary change, assessment scores
and performance data not to be used for three years.

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