Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 174
State Colleges and Universities

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August 28, 2013

174.010. State divided into seven college districts.
174.020. Names of state colleges and universities.
174.020. Names of state colleges and universities.
174.025. Junior college to be referred to as community college in state
174.030. Board authorized to change name--does not grant additional
powers or authority--not to limit missions.
174.040. Board of regents, how known--general powers.
174.042. Central Missouri State University, authority to convey certain
mineral rights--proceeds to scholarship fund.
174.050. Membership of board of regents.
174.055. Student representative to board of regents or governors--appointment,
powers, duties, limitation, qualifications,
term--vacancy--removal from office--reimbursement of expenses.
174.060. Appointment of boards.
174.070. Regents' term of office.
174.080. Organization of boards.
174.090. Quorum, what constitutes majority of all members, when necessary.
174.100. Meetings of boards--regular and special--compensation.
174.105. Attendance policy for members of governing boards.
174.110. Boards to make rules for own government.
174.120. College under general control and management of regents.
174.125. Teacher-training institutions to provide physical education courses,
first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation--extension service to be
174.130. Boards to regulate admission of students.
174.140. Employees--terms, compensation, retirement, workers'
compensation for.
174.150. Causes for removal of president or teacher--notice and hearing--right
of appeal.
174.160. Authority to confer degrees.
174.170. Annual report, contents.
174.180. Treasurer to furnish bond--duties--reports.
174.190. Duties of the secretary--compensation.
174.200. Funds must not be diverted.
174.210. Indebtedness, how paid.
174.220. No officer or employee shall be interested in the sale of school
supplies or property.
174.225. Missouri State University not to seek land grant designation or
research designation held by other institutions--cooperation with
University of Missouri in offering of certain programs, requirements.
174.230. Missouri Southern State College--established, when--district.
174.231. Missouri Southern State University, mission statement--discontinuance
of associate degree program.
174.233. Missouri Southern State College, three-year plan--review and approval.
174.241. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 98 A)
174.250. Missouri Western State University--established, when--district.
174.251. Missouri Western State University, mission statement.
174.253. Missouri Western State University, three-year plan--review and
174.261. State to fund universities.
174.266. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
174.270. Colleges subject to law--territory not to be in former state
college district--regents may continue to serve.
174.300. Harris-Stowe University--board of regents, appointment, terms.
174.310. Harris-Stowe State University, transfer of
facility--operation--funding--educational emphasis.
174.320. Harris-Stowe State University, retirement system provision.
174.323. Central Missouri State University to establish an international
safety, health and environmental resource center.
174.324. Master's degrees in accounting authorized for Missouri Western
University and Missouri Southern State University,
requirements--limitations on new master's degree programs.
174.330. Institution may charge fees for certain services, electronic
174.332. Northwest Missouri State University, board of regents, members, terms,
appointment of, quorum requirements.
174.335. Meningococcal disease, all on-campus students provided information
on--election to receive vaccination--records to be maintained.
174.450. Board of governors to be appointed for certain public institutions of
higher education, qualifications, terms--change in congressional
districts, effect of.
174.453. Board, appointment--certain residency requirements--terms, voting
members--term, nonvoting student member--board appointments,
Missouri Southern State University.
174.455. Expenses of board paid out of revenues of the university--vacancies,
how filled.
174.457. Board of governors, powers, duties, immunities and liabilities,
174.500. West Plains campus of Missouri State University established--mission
implementation plan.
174.600. Truman State University, liberal arts and sciences.
174.601. Truman State University, formerly known as Northeast Missouri State
174.610. Governing board to be board of governors--number of voting and
nonvoting members, appointment, qualifications.
174.620. Board of governors, appointment--terms--expenses--vacancies.
174.621. Confidentiality of board members, recusal--meetings closed to
student representative, when.
174.630. Organization of Northeast Missouri State University--new degree
programs, procedure to approve.
174.700. Board of regents and board of governors may appoint necessary police
174.703. Police officers to take oath and be issued certificate of
appointment--powers of arrest and other powers--training or
experience requirements.
174.706. Boards may appoint guards or watchmen not having authority of police
174.709. Vehicular traffic, control of, governing body may
regulate--codification--violations, penalty.
174.712. Motor vehicles on campus subject to general motor vehicle laws of
174.750. Missouri arboretum created under direction of board of regents of
Northwest Missouri State University.
174.753. Director of the arboretum, appointment--powers and duties--director
to be only employee of state.
174.755. Arboretum establishment on Northwest State University campus not to
limit research by other colleges or universities.
174.757. Director to certify copies of resource record reproduction--director
to make annual report to board of regents.
174.759. Friends of Missouri arboretum to be private support group.
174.761. Qualified arboretum sites to be accepted as established members of the
arboretum for diverse locations to test plants and provide local
174.770. Jim Sears leadership scholarship program for Truman State University,
qualifications, renewable for up to six additional semesters.

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