Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 188
Regulation of Abortions

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August 28, 2013

188.010. Intent of general assembly.
188.015. Definitions.
188.020. Physician, required to perform.
188.021. RU-486, administration of, requirements.
188.023. Reports of rape or under age eighteen sexual abuse, required to
report, how.
188.025. Hospital required, when.
188.027. Consent, voluntary and informed, required--procedure,
contents--information to be presented in person--alleviation of
pain, requirements--medical emergency, procedure--payment
prohibited, when--written materials required, when--emergency
rules authorized.
188.028. Minors, abortion requirements and procedure.
188.029. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 213 A merged with S.B. 65 A)
188.030. Abortion of viable unborn child prohibited, exceptions--physician
duties--violations, penalty--severability--right of intervention,
188.031. Next friend defined for purposes of the procedure for a minor to
obtain an abortion.
188.035. Death of child aborted alive deemed murder in second degree, when.
188.036. Prohibited abortions, those done with intent to use fetal organs or
tissue for transplant, experiments or for consideration,
188.037. Experimentation with fetus, or child aborted alive, prohibited,
188.039. Twenty-four hour waiting period for abortions required--medical
emergency exception, definition--informed consent
requirements--department to provide model consent forms.
188.043. Medical malpractice insurance required to perform an abortion.
188.047. Tissue sample authorized--pathologist to file report, copies
188.052. Physician's report on abortion and post-abortion care,
when--department of health and senior services to publish
188.055. Forms to be supplied to health facilities and physicians.
188.060. Records to be retained for seven years.
188.065. Revocation of license, when.
188.070. Breach of confidentiality prohibited.
188.075. Violation of sections 188.010 to 188.085 a class A
misdemeanor--affirmative defense.
188.080. Abortion performed by other than a physician with
surgical privileges at a hospital, a felony.
188.085. Sections 188.010 to 188.085 not to be deemed exclusive of other
regulations or remedies.
188.100. Definitions.
188.105. Discrimination by employer prohibited because of failure of
employee to participate in abortion--exceptions.
188.110. Discrimination by colleges, universities and hospitals prohibited--no
requirement to pay fees, when.
188.115. Severability clause.
188.120. Cause of action for violation of discrimination laws, treble
damages, attorney's fees.
188.130. No cause of action for wrongful life.
188.200. Definitions.
188.205. Use of public funds prohibited, when.
188.210. Public employees, activities prohibited, when.
188.215. Use of public facilities prohibited, when.
188.220. Taxpayer standing to bring suit, when, where.
188.230. Construction of law.
188.250. Causing, aiding, or assisting a minor to obtain an abortion
prohibited, civil penalty--impermissible defenses--court
injunction authorized, when.
188.325. Program established, services provided--matching moneys to be
sought--moneys not to be used for abortions or abortion services.
188.335. Program established, purpose--matching moneys to be sought--moneys not
to be used for abortions or abortion services.

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