Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 191
Health and Welfare

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August 28, 2013

191.005. Information exchange between departments, rulemaking authority.
191.025. Health care compact.
191.040. (Transferred 1986; now 660.015)
191.115. Alzheimer's State Plan Task Force established, members, duties,
meetings, report--expiration date.
191.127. Land may be leased for farming or grazing--procedure.
191.150. Purchase of food limited to use of institution inmates.
191.160. Board and living quarters for employees of institutions.
191.170. Mistreatment of inmates--penalty.
191.180. Furnishing unfit food to institution--penalty.
191.190. Accessory to mistreatment of inmates or furnishing of unwholesome
191.210. Attendance of patient by private physician.
191.211. Funding of certain programs.
191.213. Additional funding sources for certain programs.
191.225. (Repealed L. 2009 S.B. 338 A)
191.226. Costs of HIV testing for certain crime victims payable by
department of health and senior services, when, conditions.
191.227. Medical records to be released to patient, when, exception--fee
permitted, amount--liability of provider limited--annual handling
fee adjustment.
191.228. Physician and pharmacist not subject to discipline for cooperation.
191.229. Accreditation of not-for-profit human services organizations deemed
equivalent to licensure.
191.231. Community-based integrated delivery system, qualification,
powers--organization, board of directors, powers--plans.
191.233. (Repealed L. 2002 S.B. 923, et al. A)
191.235. Mercury contained in immunizations, not to be administered
to certain persons--insurance reimbursement for nonmercury
immunizations--exemptions, when.
191.237. Failure to participate in health information organization, no fine or
penalty may be imposed--no exchange of data, when--definitions.
191.300. Definitions.
191.305. Missouri genetic advisory committee created--purpose--appointment,
191.310. Duties of committee--liaison officers with mental health and
education, appointment.
191.315. Genetics program to be established by department--rules
191.317. Confidentiality of all tests and personal
information--exceptions--retention of specimens, procedure.
191.320. Genetic diagnostic and counseling services to be established--outreach
centers, duties--referral for abortion, procedure, requirements.
191.323. Powers and duties of department of health and senior services in
prevention and treatment of genetic diseases and birth defects.
191.325. Cost of services, how paid--free to persons financially unable to
pay--residency requirement.
191.331. Infants to be tested for metabolic and genetic
diseases--reports--exceptions--refusal to test--fee for screening
test, department may impose by rule, use of fees--formula
provided by department, when--assistance available, when.
191.332. Supplemental newborn screening requirements.
191.333. Citation of law--screening for lysosomal storage diseases--rulemaking
authority--fee increase authorized.
191.334. Chloe's Law--critical congenital heart disease screening,
requirements--rulemaking authority.
191.335. Hemophilia program established--state assistance, when.
191.340. Hemophilia program--care and treatment--financial
assistance--education--duties of department.
191.360. Trained employee of end-stage renal disease facility may initiate
dialysis--not unlawful practice of medicine.
191.362. Appropriately trained employees to have completed course in dialysis
191.365. Sickle cell anemia--purposes of program--financial assistance, when.
191.370. Sickle cell anemia, development of program for care and
treatment--duties of department.
191.375. Cystic fibrosis, program for care and treatment--financial assistance,
191.380. Cystic fibrosis, duties of department.
191.390. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
191.400. State board of health--appointment--terms--qualifications--limitation
on other employment, exception--vacancies--compensation--meetings.
191.411. System of coordinated health care services--health access incentive
fund created, purpose--enhanced Medicaid payments--rules--annual
191.425. Program established, eligibility--contracting authority--conditional
on receipt of federal funding--sunset provision.
191.500. Definitions.
191.505. Department of health and senior services to administer--may make
rules and regulations.
191.510. Contracts for loans to include terms.
191.515. Requirements for application.
191.520. Maximum amount of loans--source of funds.
191.525. Number of loans available--to whom--length of loans.
191.530. Interest on loans--repayment terms--temporary deferral.
191.535. Termination of course of study, effect.
191.540. Repayment schedules--breach of contract.
191.545. Recovery--actions for.
191.550. Approval of contracts.
191.600. Loan repayment program established--health professional student loan
repayment program fund established--use.
191.603. Definitions.
191.605. Department to designate as areas of need--factors to be considered.
191.607. Qualifications for eligibility established by department.
191.609. Contract for repayment of loans, contents.
191.611. Loan repayment program to cover certain loans--amount paid per year of
obligated service--schedule of payments--communities sharing costs to
be given first consideration.
191.614. Termination of medical studies or failure to become licensed doctor,
liability--breach of contract for service obligation,
penalties--recovery of amount paid by contributing community.
191.615. Application for federal funds--insufficient funds, effect.
191.630. Definitions.
191.631. Testing for disease, consent deemed given, when--hospital to conduct
testing, written policies and procedures required--notification for
confirmed exposure--limitations on testing and duties of
191.640. Blood-borne pathogen standard required for occupational exposure of
public employees to blood and other infectious
materials--definitions--requirements of needleless system and
sharps--violations, penalty.
191.645. Risk of exposure to Hepatitis C, information to be made
available--website to be maintained, content.
191.648. Expedited partner therapy permitted, requirements for physicians
utilizing--rulemaking authority.
191.650. Definitions.
191.653. HIV testing performed by whom, how--consultation with subject
required, when.
191.656. Confidentiality of reports and records, exceptions--violation, civil
action for injunction, damages, costs and attorney fees--health care
provider participating in judicial proceeding, immune from civil
191.657. Disclosure of confidential HIV information, by court order, only to
certain persons, procedure, when.
191.658. HIV infection status disclosure by department of health and senior
services to exposed health workers or law enforcement officers, when,
violation, penalty.
191.659. Department of corrections, HIV and infectious diseases testing
without right of refusal--exception--minors victim of sexual
assault, testing, notice to parents or custodians required.
191.662. Department of mental health, permissive HIV testing without right of
refusal, when--results of testing not to be reported to department of
health and senior services, when.
191.663. HIV testing, defined--court order to test certain sexual
offenders--costs--bond--disclosure of results of test--parents of
unemancipated minor informed, when.
191.665. Discrimination prohibited, exceptions.
191.668. Department of health and senior services and department of elementary
and secondary education to prepare education programs, contents.
191.671. Insurance companies, HMOs or health service corporations, HIV testing
by, regulation by department--disclosure of test results,
191.674. Court-ordered HIV testing without right of refusal, department of
health and senior services may seek, when--court record closed,
proceeding to be in camera, when.
191.677. Prohibited acts, criminal penalties.
191.680. Maintaining a nuisance, abatement to be ordered, when.
191.683. Reports to general assembly by department of health and senior
191.686. Anonymous testing sites in central Missouri, Kansas City, Springfield
and St. Louis--reports of results, use of coded system--contact
notification required, when.
191.689. Schools to be given notice of identity of child with HIV infection,
when, by whom--identity of infected child may be released to whom by
191.692. Premarital HIV testing, rulemaking authorized, when.
191.694. Infection control procedures--requirements and training for health
care facilities and professionals.
191.695. Rulemaking authority, department of health and senior
191.699. Disciplinary action for health care professionals who discriminate or
require HIV testing before treatment.
191.700. Testing of all health care professionals not justified--voluntary and
confidential evaluation of infected professional, procedure--expert
review panel qualifications, powers and duties, practice
restrictions, when--health care facilities informed only of
restrictions--violations, complaints made to appropriate boards.
191.703. Death of patient with infectious or contagious disease, notification
to funeral director or coroner.
191.710. MO HealthNet program and SCHIPS to focus on premature infant health
191.711. Education publications to be prepared, contents--distribution.
191.724. Discrimination based on religious beliefs or moral convictions
prohibited, health plan coverage of abortion--no mandatory
employee coverage of certain procedures--attorney general to
enforce--sterilization defined.
191.725. Physician to counsel pregnant patients on effects of cigarettes,
alcohol and controlled substances--certifying form to be signed by
patient on counseling--educational materials to be furnished to
191.727. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
191.729. School districts to be furnished information on prenatal and
postnatal effects of substances, when.
191.731. Pregnant woman referred for substance abuse to have priority for
treatment--confidentiality of records.
191.733. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
191.735. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
191.737. Children exposed to substance abuse, referral by physician to
department of health and senior services--services to be initiated
within seventy-two hours--physician making referral immune
from civil liability--confidentiality of report.
191.739. Protective and preventive services to be provided by department
of social services, duties.
191.741. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
191.743. High risk pregnancies, women to be informed of available
services--consent to inform department of health and senior
services, forms--confidentiality--physicians not to be liable.
191.745. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
191.748. Shaken baby syndrome video, required viewing, when.
191.755. Department to post resources on website, content.
191.758. Information to be made available by physician to pregnant women, when.
191.765. Definitions.
191.767. Persons not to smoke in public places or meetings, except in
designated smoking areas--designation of space for smoking area,
191.769. Areas not considered public places.
191.771. Person in control of public places or public meetings, duties.
191.773. Violators, guilty of infraction.
191.775. Public schools and school buses, smoking or tobacco use prohibited,
penalty, permissible use of tobacco, where.
191.776. Child day care facilities, smoking or tobacco use when children are
present, prohibited, penalty.
191.777. More stringent ordinances or rules may be adopted by governing bodies
or school boards.
191.800. Definitions.
191.803. Boards of education to establish breakfast program--rules--waiver,
191.805. Hardship grant program, distribution of, rules.
191.807. Supplemental funding, women, infants and children supplemental food
program--funding of certain county health offices, use, maximum amount
of grants--rules and regulations.
191.810. Department of health and senior services to establish standards for
summer food service program--where established--order of
priority--waiver, filing required.
191.813. Agencies to coordinate outreach programs--specific programs--public
service announcements to be designed.
191.815. Administrative rules, procedure.
191.828. Evaluations, effect of initiatives.
191.831. Health initiatives fund established, use--Alt-care pilot program,
components--participation may be required.
191.835. Community 2000 grants program--local commissions, members--goals,
objectives--evaluations, funding.
191.839. Education programs for persons with no or inadequate health insurance.
191.843. Authorizes grants for regional research consortia in a distressed
191.850. Definitions.
191.853. Assistive technology council established--members, qualifications,
terms, chairperson how selected--meetings.
191.855. Bylaws to be adopted by council, no compensation but to be paid
191.857. Council assigned to agency for technological-related assistance to
individuals with disabilities.
191.858. Council transferred to office of administration, when--appropriation
required for continued actions and staff.
191.859. Duties of council.
191.861. Assistive technology trust fund created, use of moneys.
191.863. Council to assure compliance with federal accessibility laws--duties
of council to assure accessibility.
191.865. Assistive technology loan program created--council to promulgate rules
to enforce.
191.867. Assistive technology loan revolving fund established.
191.900. Definitions.
191.905. False statement to receive health care payment prohibited--kickback,
bribe, purpose, prohibited, exceptions--abuse
prohibited--penalty--prosecution, procedure--Medicaid fraud
reimbursement fund created--restitution--civil
penalty--notification to disciplinary agencies--civil action
191.907. Original source of information to receive a portion of any recovery.
191.908. Whistleblower protections--violations, penalty.
191.909. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
191.910. Attorney general may investigate violations, powers--service
authorized--prosecuting attorney, report, prosecution--provision
of records--no limitation of other actions.
191.914. False report or claim, penalty.
191.915. Breast-feeding information provided, when, by whom.
191.918. Breast-feeding in public permitted.
191.923. Prenatally diagnosed conditions, patient to be provided
information--definitions--clearinghouse of information to be
191.925. Screening for hearing loss, infants, when--procedures
used--exemptions--information provided, by whom--no liability, when.
191.928. Surveillance and monitoring system for certain newborns--standards
and follow-up procedure--confidentiality of information.
191.931. Early intervention services available--report, content.
191.934. Newborn hearing screening advisory committee established, duties,
members, compensation--committee to terminate, when.
191.937. Rulemaking authority, procedure.
191.938. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
191.950. Prostate cancer pilot programs--definitions--eligibility--services
provided--grants--rulemaking authority--sunset provision.
191.975. Adoption awareness, department duties--advertising campaign
authorized--rulemaking authority.
191.980. Missouri area health education centers program established--council
established, membership, term--authority of council--duties--report
191.1050. Definitions.
191.1053. Designation of areas--re-evaluation of designations, when--rulemaking
191.1056. Fund created, use of moneys.
191.1100. Citation of law--definitions.
191.1102. Additional licensure not required, when--inapplicability.
191.1104. Display of license or certificate, how satisfied.
191.1106. Registration with department required, fee, contents--quarterly
reports--list of providers--recordkeeping
requirements--rulemaking authority.
191.1110. Immunity from liability, when--no compensation to be received--certain
military personnel deemed licensed.
191.1112. Volunteer crisis response teams--definitions--immunity from liability,
inapplicability of.

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