Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 192
Department of Health and Senior Services

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August 28, 2013

192.002. Department of health and senior services established.
192.005. Department of health and senior services created--division of health
192.006. Health and senior services, department of, rulemaking authority,
192.007. Director, appointment--compensation--qualifications.
192.010. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
192.011. Duties of department--monitoring environmental effects on public
health--developing disease prevention plan.
192.014. State board of health to advise department.
192.015. Fees for laboratory tests authorized--deposit in general
192.016. Putative father registry--fund created.
192.019. Citation.
192.020. To safeguard the health of the people of Missouri--certain diseases
to be included on communicable or infectious disease list.
192.025. To accept and disburse federal funds for health purposes.
192.031. Hepatitis C programs established by department of health and senior
192.033. Strategies for raising public awareness on hepatitis C.
192.036. Information on hepatitis C for physicians, health professionals and
training providers.
192.040. Department to issue reports--subjects.
192.050. Department to maintain certain bureaus--establishment of others.
192.060. Department to keep vital statistics.
192.067. Patients' medical records, department may receive information
from--purpose--confidentiality--immunity for persons releasing
records, exception--penalty--costs, how paid.
192.068. Quality of care, access, member satisfaction and status information
provided to department--standards of measurement--rulemaking
authority--data not to be made public--reports to be published.
192.070. Care of babies and hygiene of children, educational literature to
be issued by department.
192.072. Bureau of immunization to develop educational materials--contents,
192.080. Bureau of food and drug inspection.
192.081. Donation of canned or perishable
food--definitions--procedure--immunity from liability,
when--department to provide information.
192.083. Office of minority health, established--purpose, duties.
192.090. Inspection of hotels, inns and boardinghouses.
192.100. Inspection of beverages.
192.105. Water quality testing system, feasibility of--report.
192.110. Department's duty as to diseases of animals.
192.120. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
192.131. Definitions--health care-associated infections data to be
reported--confidentiality--plan to help monitoring to be
developed--required standards.
192.138. Contagious or infectious disease reports by medical treatment
facilities and nursing homes.
192.139. Communicable disease reporting, guidelines for department.
192.140. Public health nurse provided--public and private places
192.150. Interference a misdemeanor--duty of mayor and county commission.
192.160. Taxpayers may petition for the appointment of a nurse.
192.170. Money appropriated from current revenue.
192.180. (Transferred 1978; now 640.100)
192.190. (Transferred 1978; now 640.110)
192.200. (Transferred 1978; now 640.115)
192.230. Department to conduct a survey of hospitals and health facilities--to
recommend a state plan.
192.240. State hospital advisory council
created--appointment--qualifications--terms--director of health
and senior services to approve applications for federal
192.250. Department to receive grants.
192.255. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
192.260. County health officer appointed by county commission.
192.270. Deputy or assistant county health officers (certain first and
second class counties).
192.280. Duties of county health officer--neglect, penalty--removal.
192.290. State regulations supersede local rules--additional local rules.
192.300. Counties may make additional health rules--fees may be charged,
deposit in county treasury, purpose--individuals unable to pay not to
be denied health services--records and publication--violation a
192.310. Cities of 75,000 or over excepted from sections 192.260 to
192.320. Violation of law or quarantine--penalty.
192.323. Department of health and senior services document services fund
created--funding by certain fees--purpose--amount from fund
exempt from lapse into general revenue.
192.324. Administrative and cost allocation fund created, use of moneys.
192.326. Disaster fund created, use of moneys during a state of emergency.
192.350. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
192.352. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
192.355. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
192.360. Active duty military, license to remain in good standing for duration
of duty--licensing board procedure required--renewal of license.
192.375. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
192.400. Definitions.
192.410. Powers and duties of department.
192.420. Department to make rules--procedure.
192.430. Radiation sources to be kept safe.
192.440. Unregistered use or possession of radiation producers unlawful--use or
possession contrary to law or regulations unlawful.
192.450. Department to order abatement of violations--agents may inspect--data
192.460. Emergency orders--compliance required--hearing.
192.470. Judicial review.
192.480. Law not to limit medical use of radiation.
192.490. Violation of law or regulation, misdemeanor--injunctive relief.
192.505. Radiation data management program to collect statistics to
protect health and environment.
192.507. Radiological laboratory to be established, purpose.
192.510. Radiation emergencies, duties of department of health and senior
services to cooperate with other agencies.
192.601. Toll-free telephone to be established for information on health care
providers for children on medical assistance.
192.604. Office established--powers and duties--report to general assembly and
governor, when.
192.630. Advisory committee on childhood immunization--members--public
meetings, costs--appointment--duties.
192.632. Task force created, members, duties.
192.640. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
192.642. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
192.644. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
192.650. Cancer information reporting system established--purpose--rulemaking
192.653. Reports required from certain health care providers,
192.655. Confidentiality of reports--release of reports,
requirements--publication, when--exchange of data agreements with
other registries permitted, when.
192.657. No liability for furnishing or providing access to required
information, exception--department examination of individuals
not intended--violations, penalty.
192.665. Definitions.
192.667. Health care providers, financial data, submission of data on
nosocomial infections to be collected, rules, recommendation--federal
system may be implemented--use of data by department of health and
senior services, duties, restrictions, penalty--publication of
information, when--failure to provide information, effect--public
reports required, when, requirements--rulemaking authority.
192.700. Arthritis program established--purpose.
192.703. Definitions.
192.705. Program coordinators, appointment, duties--compensation.
192.707. Arthritis advisory board established--members, terms, appointment,
vacancies--meetings--chairman, term--duties, reports,
reimbursement of expenses.
192.710. Arthritis program review committee
term--duties--executive administrator.
192.712. Expenses of board and committee members to be paid, subject to
192.714. Regional arthritis centers to be established--purpose--regions
192.716. Centers to establish programs for education and improved patient
192.718. Fellowships to be granted in clinical rheumatology--candidates,
how approved--amount.
192.720. Support for rheumatology trainees--amount--approval of candidates.
192.723. Research feasibility studies to be carried out by regional
192.725. Arthritis information network to be established--staff.
192.727. DMSO--definition--use for treatment of arthritis--authorized--no
liability for persons prescribing, administering, dispensing,
when--label requirements.
192.729. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
192.735. Definitions.
192.737. Information reporting system established--purpose--reports required,
to be filed by whom, contents, form.
192.739. Confidentiality of reports--release of reports, requirements.
192.740. No liability for furnishing required information, exception.
192.742. Promulgation of rules, authority for, consultation with council.
192.744. Department examination or treatment of individual not
intended--violations, penalty.
192.745. Advisory council established--members, terms, appointment, meetings,
192.760. Definitions.
192.762. Department to license materials used to perform mammography--minimum
training and performance standards--rules, procedure, review.
192.764. Schedule of fees to be established--nonrefundable fees--waiver of
fees--mammography fund.
192.766. Machine not registered shall not be used for mammography--department
to authorize machines, when--nonrenewable temporary
authorizations--application form, information required--annual
inspections--withdrawal of authorization, emergency order
authorized--administrative penalty--injunctive relief.
192.800. Definitions.
192.802. Department of health and senior services to notify first responders
and Good Samaritans attending or transporting a patient
with communicable disease.
192.804. First responders or Good Samaritans believing they have been
exposed--request for information form, content, confidentiality
of report.
192.806. Rules to provide regulation for training and notification
program--rules, procedure, review.
192.808. Mandatory testing not to be required, exception--emergency personnel
to treat persons with HIV and communicable diseases--identity of
patient to be confidential, exceptions.
192.900. Missouri public health services fund, established, purposes.
192.915. Over-the-counter weight loss pills, education and awareness program
established--strategies--rulemaking authority.
192.925. Awareness program established--focus of program--cooperation with
department of social services, distribution of program
192.935. Blindness education, screening and treatment program fund--uses of
192.965. Office on women's health created, duties.
192.968. Committee to advise the office on women's health created, duties.

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