Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 195
Drug Regulations

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August 28, 2013

195.003. Violations of chapter, defendant to pay costs of testing when
found guilty.
195.005. Comprehensive drug control act of 1989.
195.010. Definitions.
195.015. Authority to control.
195.016. Nomenclature.
195.017. Substances, how placed in schedules--list of scheduled
substances--publication of schedules annually--electronic log of
transactions to be maintained, when--certain products to be
located behind pharmacy counter--exemption from requirements,
when--rulemaking authority.
195.022. Chemical substances structurally similar to Schedule I controlled
substances to be treated as Schedule I controlled substance.
195.025. Certain use of vessels, vehicles and aircraft prohibited.
195.030. Rules, procedure--fees--registration required, exceptions,
registration, term not to exceed three years.
195.040. Registration requirements--revocation and suspension--review by
administrative hearing commission--reapplication may be denied up to
five years.
195.041. Emergencies, waiver of registration and record-keeping requirements
for controlled substances, when.
195.042. Confidentiality of all complaints, investigatory reports and
information, exceptions.
195.045. Civil immunity for persons required to report to the department of
health and senior services.
195.050. Controlled substances, legal sales, how made--records required to be
195.060. Controlled substances to be dispensed on prescription only, exception.
195.070. Who may prescribe.
195.080. Excepted substances--prescription or dispensing limitation on amount
of supply, exception--may be increased by physician, procedure.
195.100. Labeling requirements.
195.110. User of controlled substance to keep it in container in which
195.130. Places used for illegal sale and use--nuisances, suits to enjoin,
procedure--public nuisance, criminal penalty, property subject to
195.135. Search warrants, how obtained--seizure in connection with arrest.
195.140. Forfeiture of controlled substances and drug paraphernalia,
when--disposal--money, records in close proximity also forfeited,
rebuttable presumption--procedure.
195.146. Forfeiture of controlled substances and CAFA applicable to
children--arrest to include taking a child into custody.
195.150. Procedure upon conviction for violation.
195.180. Lawful possession, when--burden of proof of any exception or exemption
upon defendant.
195.190. Enforcement by whom.
195.195. Regulations, authority to promulgate, where vested.
195.197. Department of health and senior services, duties of.
195.198. Educational and research programs authorized--report, contents on
effect of drugs, publication.
195.202. Possession or control of a controlled substance, exception, penalty.
195.204. Fraudulently attempting to obtain a controlled substance, penalty.
195.211. Distribution, delivery, manufacture or production of a controlled
substance, violations and attempted violations, penalty.
195.212. Unlawful distribution to a minor, penalty.
195.213. Unlawful purchase or transport with a minor, penalty.
195.214. Distribution of a controlled substance near schools, penalty.
195.217. Crime of distribution of a controlled substance near a park, penalty.
195.218. Distribution of controlled substance near public housing--penalty.
195.219. Unlawful endangerment of property, penalty.
195.222. Trafficking drugs, first degree--penalty.
195.223. Trafficking drugs, second degree--penalty.
195.226. Unlawfully providing materials for production of a controlled
substance, penalty.
195.233. Unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, penalty.
195.235. Unlawful delivery or manufacture of drug paraphernalia,
penalty--possession is prima facie evidence of intent to violate
195.241. Possession of an imitation controlled substance, penalty.
195.242. Delivery or manufacture of an imitation controlled substance, penalty.
195.244. Advertisements to promote sale of drug paraphernalia or imitation
controlled substances prohibited, penalty.
195.246. Possession of ephedrine, penalty--possession is prima facie evidence
of intent to violate section.
195.248. Marketing of ephedrine, penalty.
195.252. Distribution of controlled substance in violation of registration
requirements, penalties.
195.253. Public nuisances--defendants in suits to enjoin.
195.254. Delivery by manufacturer or distributor, when, penalty.
195.256. Trademark or trade name, unlawful use of, penalty.
195.275. Prior and persistent drug offenders, definitions, proof and pleadings,
195.280. Arrest without warrant, when.
195.285. Prior and persistent offenders--possession, imprisonment for.
195.291. Prior and persistent offenders imprisonment for distribution,
delivery, manufacture or production.
195.292. Prior drug offenders--unlawful distribution to a minor or unlawful
purchase or transport with a minor--imprisonment for.
195.295. Prior and persistent offenders--trafficking drugs, second degree,
imprisonment for.
195.296. Prior offenders--trafficking drugs, first degree, imprisonment for.
195.310. Injunction authorized.
195.320. Purpose clause.
195.367. Burden of proof of any exception or exemption upon defendant.
195.369. Burden of proof of registration upon defendant.
195.371. Authorized state, county or municipal officers, good faith immunity
from criminal liability.
195.375. Warrants for administrative inspections, contents,
procedures--controlled premises, defined.
195.400. Reports required, exceptions, penalties--person, defined--list of
regulated chemicals.
195.405. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
195.410. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
195.415. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
195.417. Limit on sale or dispensing of certain drugs, exceptions--violations,
195.418. Limitations on the retail sale of methamphetamine precursor
drugs--violations, penalty.
195.420. Creation of controlled substance, penalty--evidence.
195.425. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
195.501. Citation of law.
195.503. Definitions.
195.505. Formation of group--power of arrest--cooperation.
195.507. Interstate MEG agreements, powers and immunities of
officers--effective, when.
195.509. Eligibility for state grants--department of public safety to monitor
195.511. Report required, when.
195.515. Copy of suspicious transaction report for certain drugs to be
submitted to chief law enforcement officer, when--suspicious
transaction defined--violations, penalty.

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